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Cavestomp 2007 - NYC


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For the first time in 6 years, Cavestomp is being held, this time at the Warsaw Hall (home of the last CS, in 2001) in Brooklyn, NYC, from Nov. 1 to 3. It's not clear yet if Little Steven is running the show this time. If he is, or even if he isn't, this would be a great, great opportunity for The Raspberries to get a lot of exposure to a rabid core of music fanatics, practically all of whom are record collector geek-types (and a lot of them are also critics), who would definitely pass the word along, AND purchase copies on LOSS, once they see the band live!

I understand they are in the process of booking the acts now...and, while I don't know what kind of money they're offering (I do know that they offered a boatload of dough in '01 for the original Flamin' Groovies to reunite and play there. While they rehearsed and were ready to play, 9/11/01 occurred, and they wound up cancelling out of the rescheduled show in Nov. 01), the exposure would be great, as well as the chance to play alongside a number of like-minded 60's/70's music-oriented bands and, in some cases, old contemporaries. I've never seen more vintage Vox amps and 12-string Ric's in my life than at any of these shows!

The 2001 show, which was 2 nights, featured Mark Lindsay & The Raiders, Los Straitjackets & Big Sandy, The Kaisers, Thee Waistcoats, Chesterfield Kings, Downliners Sect, Billy Childish & The Buff Medways, The Electric Prunes (1st night headliners) and The Creation (2nd night headliners, in their first ever US show....guitarist Eddie Phillips was once allegedly invited to join The Who as a 5th member - he's a huge influence on Pete T.). Headliners from previous years included The Pretty Things and Barry & The Remains (opening act for the first Beatles US tour).

The 'Berries would clearly be headlining any of the 3 nights here, I would think. As an added bonus, Bruce S. has shown up at these shows in the past, usually incognito. Who better to introduce the band than Little Steven and his old Boss?

Realistically, I'd rather see them headlining, playing their own shows....but I truly believe that playing a Cavestomp would get them in front of a more enthusiastic audience that's into their music than, say, opening for Bon Jovi!......(For that matter, so would playing at an IPO event....)

P.S. Capacity of the Warsaw Hall is in the 700-800 range, BTW, and another 60-80 can cram into the adjoining bar.

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