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'Berries in '08?


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Thank you both! I really do want to see these guys! Watched Dexter the other night and there was "Make me lose Control" playing and the guy was calling his girlfriend (Dexter's sister) and said, "Is that Eric Carmen?" I tevod it back several times! My wife thinks I am a lunatic!

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zimmarks,wait till u see them live!! i thought i was doomed never to see them until a great lady here said she was buying me a ticket for the last cleveland show..until then,i was at the mercy of everyones experiences witnessing them live here w/their reports of the concerts..it was sssoo frustrating during that time i ca'nt describe it..but WELL WORTH the wait..incredible to say the least..i compare it to seeing mccartney for the first time..REALLY,that good!! let's pray the guys are gonna do a lil more..lol,chris

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