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'Berries in '08?


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Hi Darlene..Are you kidding?

Seeing Eric in a Tuxedo calmed me down!! :lol::lol::lol:

Well we had a great time, everyone's gone now as I just dropped them off at JFK a little while ago. The house is so quiet.

BTW, am I right to assume that you were the Darlene in the DVD being interviewed?


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Hi Darlene..

That's great! What an honor to be on that DVD..also, I don't feel stupid now after telling all my friends "Hey..she's on Eric Carmen's board! I guessed right!

Yep! One of my favorite topics to speak about is The Raspberries. I will talk about them to anyone who will listen.

This past Christmas I bought for all my women friends, and my wife..Eric Carmen's greatest hits and the Raspberries greatest hits..they all got one of each.

In fact one of my friends said "I didn't even know you were such a huge closet Raspberries fan!

Somehow I think I was OUTTED! (notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat)


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Hey Tom!! Great to see you!! Of course I remember hanging with you, in fact I think I mentioned it in an above post here.

Remember when we were waiting on line? My wife kept making fun of me..well she's hooked on the Raspberries now!!

So very nice to see you Tom. I hope we make it to another concert brother! :lol:

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Beatnut, It was just such an honor to BE IN CLEVELAND at the very first Raspberries Reunion Concert!!! I was in "WONDERLAND" all night and for weeks after that! To be able to sit there and tell anyone about that phenomenon called Raspberries was the highlight of my life! That it's on the dvd is unbelievable to me.

That we're all here celebrating Raspberries and Eric Carmen is ultra cool!

:) --Darlene

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OMG!! First thanks so much Al! I really appreciate it!

In fact I also am bidding on that Raspberries autographed album on ebay.. I have the second album just recently signed....so whoever's out there it's me bumping up the price.LOL!! : )

And to Darlene...

For me, the fact that the Raspberries are back and can still sound so great and rekindle that magic is really a wonderful thing.

In this day and age we live in there are just so very few things in life we can hold on to and hold dear to ou heart.

Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim are just one of them.

When I waited on line with my VIP tickets everyone was just so very nice ...one woman had 'Play On' buttons made just for the concert and walked up and down the line giving them out.

Raspberries fans are just a very rare and unique bunch of people. I'm thrilled to be a part of this experience.

God Bless the Raspeberries and their fans!!

Man, I can't believe, I missed out on the VIP passes and meeting the boys...~sigh~! If only I had known about the impromptu M&G after the Cleveland State show, I would have had such a better and more special, memorable experience that evening...oh well. I was connecting with some friends that had come in from out of state and totally missed the boat on Eric's wife passing out VIP passes! :cool:

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I was an inch away from driving to Cleveland on Dec.14 for that show.

One of my good friends was having her annual Christmas party on the 15th. I was trying to figure every which way to get there.

I knew I would have to find a hotel and stay over but then I wasn't sure i'd make it back in time to get to Westchester by 4pm on Saturday.

Oh well, next concert i'm there.

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Gman..my friends from the McCartney forum have called me Nutty, or Beat for the past 6 years. In fact when I got married to my wife in 03, I think I said it here, they dubbed my wedding NutFest 03...I had a friend that made tee shirts for my wedding that said I Survived Nutfest...

So when you call me Nutty I get a kick out of that because no one here knows to call me that. :)

My license plate says "IM BEAT"

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