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'Berries in '08?


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THANKS ERIC!! I JUST SAW THIS AND IT MADE MY DAY!!!! This means there's hope...

When I saw you guys at the HL Ballroom in Oct. I must have asked 20 different people to go with me as I had 2 VIP tix. Everyone I asked wanted to come but had other committments. I hounded my wife and finally when she saw I was getting annoyed that she wouldn't come, she gave in.

Well when she saw me waiting on line for you guys to show up she couldn't get over the excitement on my face when I saw you and Wally walk in...next Dave and Jim, who both signed my mint Fresh raspberries album..(later on you and Wally signed it for me..LOL!!

Anyway...to make a short story long...my wife fell in love with you guys...she took the pictures of me with all of you, and now she's hooked!! My 20 year old son has so many Raspberries songs downloaded on his IPOD and listens everyday to them. What a thrill for me..

I have one complaint though..I bought the Live at the Sunset Strip double CD and DVD...

There's only 6 songs you guys do on the DVD...

I watched it for I think the 10th time last night..and my wife and I are both disappointed that there's only 6. Why did they not put the whole show on the DVD??

It really is such a HIGH to watch and such a letdown when it's over. I don't know if i'm the only one who feels this way, but I get the same rush watching you guys as I do when I put my Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVD on, also when I watch the new Travelling Wilbury's DVD, and the short Brainwashed DVD.

So very anticlimactic. In fact when I just bought Live at the Sunset Strip..I bought it at BestBuy and it was the last one.

My friend from Buffalo called me yesterday and told me she had just bought the Dirty Dancing DVD for $9.99 and it had extras in it and I thought she said it had a video of you playing Hungry Eyes. Well i'm having a huge party at my house starting this Friday and everyone is dying to see my Raspberries DVD and my friend is bringing hers. It's going to be a Raspberries weekend!!!

Hahahaha I told you it was a short story long!

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OMG!! Thanks baby Sister! My sons asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I gave them the link to this site. I could have sworn I saw the Sunset Live for $125. My sons said it was no longer on here but they saw one for about $24..that's the one I have now.

Anyway, i'm having about 20 people at my home this coming weekend and some are coming from Toronto, Buffalo, Jersey, Philadelphia..and it was a multiple birthday celebration which now has turned into a Birthday Bash/ Raspberries weekend. I need to have this deluxe version before Friday..Help!! Where can I get it?

LOL!! This is going to be a great party!

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I'm glad to hear that it appears Eric's definition of "closure" is definitely more along the line of "We've achieved our original goals, and who knows where we go from here" than saying "This is the end of the line."

I think what we all have to remember here is that OUR ambitions for the band may not always mesh with the BAND's ambitions for themselves. Especially those of us whose definition of "success" means "selling out huge arenas across the country."

I, for one, find Eric's desire to stay away from any possible heavy slate of road dates admirable in the extreme. He has young children and it looks as if he's made every attempt to be there for them during this point in their lives. It's great to see a father make his children a priority this way and I only wish more fathers did it as a matter of course ratherr than doing whatever it takes to move ahead in their own careers while leaving Mom to make all the work sacrifices and tend the home fires.

I can't help but see the mere fact that the Raspberries reunited once as one of the best moments and nights of my life, and anything else they do from here on in to allow me to see and hear them more as gravy. And that's coming from the one who complains about how slow Live on Sunset Strip was to come out...

The beauty of all of this is that the boys have been able to be successful under their own terms. Apparently, they don't have to be renowned by the world if they're happy being renowned by us. All I can say to that is: Good! As long as you are here, we will be here too!

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Hi Trindy,

I certainly share all your sentiments. I know many of us have our selfish reasons, I included, of wanting them back together.

Here are some of my reasons..and please don't think i'm whacked out..LOL!

The Raspberries have long been a huge part of my life and i'm turning 51 this March. They bring me back to my youth and the early 70's were just a great time in my life, so hearing them now trancends me. I know all their songs by heart, I speak to my friends about them as if I know them personally...my son is 20 and listens to all the music today that I grew up with,( of course the music today sucks) plus he's an accomplished guitar player who also played at my second marriage for me and my wife.

I think he became musically inclined because when he was born I put him to sleep every single night to Lennon's Beautiful Boy.

Anyway, when you feel like you know so much about a group you feel you can relate to, then finally having a chance to meet them and hear them play live is something very special.

I know this sounds crazy but when I got my Fresh Raspberries album signed by all of the boys I hold it right up there with having my George Harrison's 33 and 1/3 album signed.

When I saw them doing the soundcheck, I just got the feeling that they're just as surprised to see us as we are to see them. Sometimes i'm glad that they play to a small intimate group because it's great not having rude fans around bumping you and pushing to get in the front..then I sit and think damn...so many thousands of people have no idea what the hell they're missing.

They make you feel welcomed and they also make you feel that they've been your buddies forever.

They are truly talented and most of all humble and appreciative. I hope they realize what they mean to so many people.

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I think the guys have always known they had die-hard fans who "got it" and who loved them in th eextreme and loved their music. If they didn't know how many those fans are, how strongly they feel and how long they're willing to wait, they surely know now!

This website, this "labor of love" that Bernie and Kathy put together concentrated the love, the life and the spirit of all those fans like a laser beam and pointed it right at the boys. They "got the message like it came by cable," and if that weren't enough, they got to see Jay "jump and get up on the table" as well!

The funny thing is that time passage often renders a selective memory. I know each of the guys remembered that they once loved to play with each other and they had to know that the combination of their superb talents made magical music, but I think it was only after they began rehearsals that they realized HOW much they had loved it and remembered just how sublimely perfect their music is. The audience at the first reunion concert in 2004 saw them experience complete joy and exhilaration as they rediscovered Raspberries! What a miracle!

I love "second chances" in life and with Raspberries, the second chance was always theirs for the taking. I'm so thrilled they took it, because it gave *all* of us that second chance. What a dream!

:) --Darlene

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Hey Beatnut,

I saw you placed an order for the Special Edition set today, and I just happened to log on and read your post about the party you're having this weekend. I'll personally make sure your order gets in the mail first thing tomorrow AM, and I'll send it via USPS Priority Mail so that with a little luck, some good Raspberry "manager mojo" and and the postal god's blessing you'll receive it in time for your party...and as a bonus I'll throw in a little "surprise" for you to give away at your party...

Let me know if you get the package in time, and have a great time at your party!

Al K.

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OMG!! First thanks so much Al! I really appreciate it!

In fact I also am bidding on that Raspberries autographed album on ebay.. I have the second album just recently signed....so whoever's out there it's me bumping up the price.LOL!! : )

And to Darlene...

For me, the fact that the Raspberries are back and can still sound so great and rekindle that magic is really a wonderful thing.

In this day and age we live in there are just so very few things in life we can hold on to and hold dear to ou heart.

Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim are just one of them.

When I waited on line with my VIP tickets everyone was just so very nice ...one woman had 'Play On' buttons made just for the concert and walked up and down the line giving them out.

Raspberries fans are just a very rare and unique bunch of people. I'm thrilled to be a part of this experience.

God Bless the Raspeberries and their fans!!

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Yep..that'd be me......the button gal !! I had 300 made up for the Highline Shows and had some left over to take to Cleveland. I'm already trying to think of something different to do for the next show !! See, I'm positive. I don't think the band is finished yet. You could see it in their eyes when they're up on that stage...they got the 'FEVER' !!

Have fun at your party Beatnut !! If you crank that music loud enough I may even be able to hear it......I'm not too far from you. I'm a "Long-Islander" too !! laugh

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Yeah, Diane sounds familiar. If anyone was there on Sunday 10/14 at the Manhattan show, I sat with a husband and wife and this fellow named Tom. I think he came from Ohio as well. Really nice people.

Maybe they'll remember me..my pic. is posted on the Most Prized Raspberries posession thread...it's one of Eric and Me, and another shot I really like of Jim and Me..I was wearing a green jacket.

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How'd the 'berries party go? The DVD is pretty powerful, so I'm sure you won over some new fans among your guests.... I love ryour enthusiasm...

Amazing how fresh the 'berries' music sounds, 30 years after it was written.... Here's to more shows in the future!



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I know I posted last night, but maybe I didn't press post...i'm such an IDIOT!!


I didn't know what you were talking about at first because I didn't order anything.

My friend ordered it for me and she had it sent to my house..they decided to celebrate my March birthday with the other 3 birthday people.

I thought you mixed me up with someone else.

Anyway..we stayed up until almost 4am..we went through the entire DVD 2 times!! The extras that you sent me were magnificent!

There were only 3 guys and the rest women..most of them menopausal..LOL!!Anyway, when the bonus part came on and they all saw Eric in his tuxedo...NEED I SAY MORE??

Everyone was singing along..it was unbelievable..

They all kept saying "NUTTY" (my nickname) when the Raspberries come back you better tell us...some are going home and signing up on this board ..and they can't believe Eric posts to us.

What an incredible DVD!!! The boys look like they're really having fun..and that's the most important thing.

Thanks again AL!!!

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