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'Berries in '08?


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The word "closure," by the way, is what got people talking.... But IMHO, "closure" as Eric wrote it shouldn't be defined as "finality...."

Well, okay, so the word is actually defined as "a closing; a finish; an end; a conclusion." In this context, though, I'm reading it to mean that Raspberries has come full circle with what they started in the 1970s. They put a cap (an exclamation point, really) on that 30-year gap, during which their reputation and status only grew.

When you think about it, "closure" also can apply to those of us whose ears the Raspberries caught in the 1970s. Didn't the reunion give us a sense of closure as well? (It did for me.)

After that all-too-brief period of 1972-74, we waited 30 years and finally got a real, substantive look at what Raspberries was all about. Redemption for us, redemption for the band.

From this point on, I'm naturally hoping that the story continues. A few dates here and there.... a PBS special.... the inspiration to lay down some new tracks.... Who knows?

"New tracks" might be based on money and a record deal, etc., etc., but... on the other hand, if Eric/Wally/Dave are hit with the inspiration to write some Raspberries-ready songs, you know they'll find a way to get 'em done... and they probably wouldn't wait 30 more years to do it!

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I think "closure," in this sense, means that they achieved their original goals, and ANYTHING else that happens is icing on the cake! Am I right?

And Eric--my nieces were at Hannah Montana with you guys and with their mom--it was their Christmas present from me! They had a great time, and even their mom enjoyed it! She didn't mention seeing you anywhere, though--too bad!

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OOPS! Hit reply without finishing.....

Just want to say that for a bunch of guys who will be turning 59 next summer, these 4 guys rocked California- I will never forget the two nights they were here. The best nights of my life.

And.... I DO believe in miracles baby!



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darlene said:

Thank you Bernie!!! heartpump

See? There was nothing to worry about! Maybe I should buy a crystal ball for my lemonade stand when I retire. ;)

Darlene, did I miss a Bernie post? You thanked him for...? Did he announce a new show or something, giving credence to your crystal ball?

Danny, so... how many 'berries shows have you taken in? Just one for me (albeit a great one... NYC in October). AnnaR, you're one up on me, so I'm hoping for a double-dip in New England... some day. And, as your photo shows, you got four smiles in sync from four 'berries. Great pic! Now there's a prized possession!

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It doesn't take a big "physical" sacrifice for 4 multi-talented 59 year old men to get together with their best stuff they have been writing for the last 20 years or so, and working out a few killer tunes, then recording them at a local or quality home studio.

Or so it would seem...

Heck, the kids could play tambourine...

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Posted by Bernie in this thread:

While unlikely that they'll be announcing a 30-city tour anytime soon, I think it's fairly certain that Raspberries have NOT played their last power chord.

That's what I was replying to.

It's not like they have to decide to play again. They haven't decided *not* to yet!

:) --Darlene

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I really think Eric wants to make that solo concert with the Cleveland Symphany Orchestra thing happen this year. I think he was so close to putting it together in 2006, it must be eating at him like the voice in the cornfield from "Field Of Dreams"...

"If you play it, perfection will come..."

or something like that.

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First I just want to say...WOW!! How great is it to have Eric Carmen post here???

I've been a member of Paul McCartney.com for 6 years now, saw him 10 times since 2002 and never once did he post a single thing on his own site.

Anyway, Eric if you see this I have a question. I read that you put the band back together more or less for 'closure'.

Does that mean you and the guys will soon no longer be playing concerts anymore?

If you still consider doing more shows at small venues I would love you to at least check out the North Fork Theater in Westbury, Long Island. Formerly known as the Westbury Music Fair.

A few years back Ringo played there. The stage rotates so everyone can have great views.

Even at 3000 capacity you should do very well there.

I have made a committment to myself that if the Raspberries continue to play in 2008, I will go to every show that is within 500 miles driving distance..which includes Cleveland.

Maybe you and the rest of the band have achieved closure, but your fans will never have that, EVER.

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I played Westbury with Ringo in 2000. I love the venue AND the fans in that area, and would gladly play there again.

I think everyone is imparting more than what I intended to the "closure" post.

All I meant to say was, at this point, we've kind of accomplished everything we set out to do, and more (remember, this was originally going to be a "one-off" at the HOB Cleveland).

We haven't even discussed where we go from here, yet.


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