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So Are Raspberries...


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John P said:

Most of us who commuted to Cleveland last December went through so much S**t to and from Cleveland.

right, we got snowed in an extra day & couldn't fly out & LOVED it (Texans rarely see snow except up in the panhandle)

i was sorta joking w/ the post, but i hope they consider it & look into it - the vibe was too cool for just one year

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dianed said:

Only in America can you find Christmas decorations in the stores starting in September. ;)

September...we saw and bought some in August.

And no you're not the only ones to have Christmas dec's in the shops in Sept.

Here in NZ there are a chain of shops called "The Heirloom Christmas Shop" and they're open all year!

BTW ....it's only 164 sleeps til Christmas :P

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