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What Does It Mean To You?


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I was planning to stick this thought somewhere in the plethora of "Live On Sunset Strip" topics, but there were too many to choose from!

This is similar to the 'Reflections' pieces, pertaining to the new cd/dvd.

I just finished watching the dvd. The concert was as I remembered it- the best live concert I've ever seen! The dvd captured it all; I noticed the dvd as well as the cd's in the Limited Edition set are in hi def- worth waiting for! Production of both are beyond what I could have hoped for! Outstanding job to all those involved!!

Beyond that, for me- this cd/dvd means completion. That doesn't mean I'm not hoping for more concerts, new music, etc. It's to say that, well, after attending the concert I could have died a happy man. And now, after hearing and seeing it on the dvd, I could die a happy man AND have something to listen to and watch in heaven! There's so much nostalgia/joy/memories/tears/smiles associated with this cd/dvd that I will never tire of watching it. It's my Raspberries dream come true.

So, what's it mean to you? Kirk.

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Does that mean the HDCD (high definition compatible digital) format is only on the compact disc? I don't have new enough equipment to take advantage of it, anyway. Nevermind, answered my own question. It's not hi def, but is compatible with it.

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Well, this thread is headed in a little different direction than I intended :( . There is a difference in the two sets (deluxe and limited edition). My t.v. is not hi def and my stereo is just that, stereo, so I couln't take advantage of the surround sound. Kirk.

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HDCD (high deinition compact disc) refers to the audio only and is a means of encoding a 24 bit digital signal onto a standard 16 bit CD. It can be decoded by CD players having HDCD decoders (there would be the HDCD logo on the front of the player) , but it also improves the sound on all players. The video is not HD, but incredible all the same.

Hope that helps....... Mark

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I couldn't care less about the techno-geek stuff.

What this means to me is this...

I now have a full record of one of the Raspberries concerts I did not attend...which makes me feel almost as if I experienced an extra concert.

I now have a record of a lot of behind-the-scenes things that happened before the first reunion concert ever...as well as a glimpse of some people I got to know better later...devoted fans like myself...as enthusiastic as myself.

I now have preserved for me forever a record of what it was like to be there in Cleveland and hear that first-ever-played Raspberries song at that first-ever reunion concert...and that, to me, is priceless.

I now have my own copy of those cool "home movies" Bernie played at the WAB I attended in 2005...all those charming visuals of the boys just clowning around and attempting to create "A Hard Day's Night"-style footage of themselves (is Dave wearing a Funny Face Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry T-shirt? I believe he is)...accompanied by the sound of that great concert they did on radio in Europe.

I now have a recording of them performing "It's Cold Outside," which I have always wanted, and images from yet another concert I was able to attend in Cleveland. More wonderful memories.

All the rest is just gravy...wonderful gravy.

It is wonderfully done and everyone involved deserves the highest praise for making it so. The delivery timing could have been way better, but the product lives up to the hype. It is fantastic.

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When I saw the first concert in Cleveland it was a bit of a sensory and emotional overload. The moments, in real time, went by so fast that they were hard to savor. Don't get me wrong, it was a dream come true and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's just that it had been 30 years since I had seen the band. Now, on the other hand, I can pop in the limited edition DVD and watch, listen, repeat and absorb it again and again. It's like watching a video of a memorable vacation trip. My wife said it's similar to watching your wedding video - the joy again but this time without the overload. The limited edition package is first rate and is full of suprises and enjoyment. You sit there and watch the DVD or listen to the CD and it hits you once again that these four talents are unfathomable.

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Not to worry, Kirk. Let's see if I can bump this thread back the otherway. For me, the LA concert was a night of absolute closure. As I mentioned in another post, the Raspberries provided the sound track of my life from '72 to '74. I was dating and married a girl from Twinsburg, OH, a Cleveland suburb (some coincidence, huh?). We had seen the 'berries at the Whiskey a GO GO and later, four of the shows put on by Eric solo at the Roxy, both clubs within spitting distance of each other on the Sunset Strip. Well, soon after, my first love found other interests and we went our separate ways, but I always got a lump in the throat whenever I played I Can Remember, or Starting Over.

Passing those clubs on the way to the HOB sure brought back memories of how wildly intense and happy we were those nights. I felt a jab of the sorrow and loss too, but with my wife (more Eric than 'berries) on one arm, and a dear friend (more 'berries than Eric) on the other, the pain sure didn't last long! And, to top it all off, the guys were far superior than they were thirty-some years ago at the Whiskey. We had a smashing good time of it. Talk about coming full circle in style!

I almost wish my first love could have been there. She really would have enjoyed it. After all this time, I guess there really are "no hard feelings". :rolleyes:

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Great thread, Kirk, and great post from you to start it off. You really said it!

What the cd/dvd means to me is an absolute documentation of the Reunion Concert and Tour and the very very best possible representation of Raspberries' sound, verve, joy and magic that was and probably *could ever* be put down. The cd sounds like they're in my family room in the truest, crystal clear sound possible. The performances are just absolutely incredible and it was CAPTURED, absolutely captured and crystallized for all time. The dvd and all the extras are just more joyful documentation that it happened, just the way it happened. The footage of their European tour underscores the original excitement, playfulness and spontaneity of their music that has been retained after all these years.

And looking to the future, it's proof to the industry that they've always had magic and still have it all, more than ever, after 30+ years. Now THAT says something and it will get noticed big-time.

What we have to do is put pressure on places like Best Buy and others to carry the album, asking for it constantly in stores and telling them people want to buy it, writing corporate HQ over and over again if necessary and then constantly pestering the radio stations demanding airplay. That's not half as difficult a job as getting the boys back together again, and we've already done that. The best days are ahead of us.

:) --Darlene

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Great post! You and I may have crossed paths during those 70's performances by the Raspberries and Eric. In fact, your story closely parallels mine.

I had a romance that revolved around the Raspberries and Eric, also. We saw the Raspberries several times. We saw Eric during both trips to the Roxy. We broke up right before "Boats" came out.

When I heard the Raspberries reunion would finally come to L.A., I shared my trepidation with the message board. I was sure I would be overcome with emotion seeing the 'berries live, again. Fortunately, the overriding emotion was joy! I had been requesting "Starting Over" since the tour began; on this night I was delivered!

Kinda scary, huh?


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Hi, Kirk!

Talk about your Rod Serling moments! We probably did cross paths. seeing as neither club is all that big. I managed to run smack into Eric coming out of the men's room at the Roxy, so I more than likely bumped into you, too.

Starting Over is one of my top five Raspberries favorites, But my big HOB hurdle was I Can Remember. My girl always was bugging me to sing it for her. Managed to pull it off too, or at least to her liking anyway. It's a bit more difficult these days as I have lost a couple of notes in my high range (Damn! No more Jan & Dean falsettos either). Well, at the Whiskey, she kept yelling from the balcony for the band to play ICR. After not getting any response (duh), she made her way down to the front row, somehow grabbed Scott McCarl by the foot and yelled, "Ya gotta do I Can Remember, PLEASE!!! Scott laughed and said, "I'll see what I can do", but it sadly didn't happen. Looking back, I figured that it never would.

Needless to say, finally gettng to hear it live, by the guys who created it orignally, ably backed with the stupenous support of the Overdubs, well, it just doesn't get any better. A couple of tears were shed to be sure, but the joy of finally hearing that wonderfully complex, enthralling, and totally relevant piece was pure rock and roll ecstacy. Never have the notes from eighty-eight keys made me happier.

Whew. I certainly feel better now. Thanks for the thread, Kirk!


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