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Raspberries Live Poster For Sale?


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Hi Everyone,

I called the Wyndham Hotel today, and sadly no one turned in my poster that I lost last night ~

I'm still disheartened that someone would just take it, and not turn it in (I guess I'm naive lol, as I know I would have!)....oh well....

if anyone has one extra and is willing to sell it for the original price, that would be so awesome! It was a special gift from my husband from what was to be a special night, and it would mean the world to me to have it for the holidays. Thanks so much everyone for reading my post! Hope everyone had safe travels and is staying warm!!

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Hello back...I hope it's the right one. They gave it out at the show in Manhattan in Oct.



SAT-SUN OCT. 13-14 8PM

To me it's only worth something to a true Raspberries fan. I have one, no need to see a fellow Raspberrie fan upset now.

Thanks for the welcome!!

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I have an extra one from the Highline Ballroom show on Sunday..it was signed by Eric.

Would you like it?

Hi Beatnut, Welcome to the forum!! Thanks SO much for your very generous (and thoughtful!!) offer, means a lot! I had a very sweet board member e-mail me a little while ago and she's sending me that very same poster (from the Highline concert!) with all the boys' signatures on it, I was just overwhelmed and blown away when I got her e-mail (almost made me cry lol!), ya'all rock!!

Thanks again Beatnut, that was so kind! I've never been able to get all the boys autographs (particularly Eric is usually MIA lol!), so I'm really excited! Take care and welcome to the EC board!

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Hey Luvthem...if you go on the Go all the way forum ..on the thread You're most prized posession..there's a pic. with me and Eric..on the table you might make out the poster.

Just saw the pic, wow what an awesome memory!!

I think the poster is featured on raspberriesonline.com (in the store), right ...if so, I've seen it!! ;):)

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Good for you Luv! That's what I love about Raspberries fans...they're just a special breed.

When I saw the boys in Manhattan at the sound check I spent about 10 minutes talking to Jim and a few minutes with Wally and Dave. When I was getting my pic. taken with Eric I just stood there going "Can you freakin' believe this"??!

There's just so much you want to say to them. The best part about them is that they are just as dumbstruck as we are because they're still surprised they have these die hard fans.

They are just so down to earth and appreciative.

I hope they plan on coming back to New York in 08..my 20 year old son is now turned onto them too!!

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Just an update, I got my Highline concert (signed by all the boys!!) poster a few days ago, and just love it!! It will be *treasured* for sure! :):) Thanks so much to Anne for sending it to me, she really made my day (and year!), such a sweet thing to do. I still feel sometimes like I need to *pinch* myself, looking back on all the awesome 'Berries shows I've had the good fortune, to attend, since the reunion ~ here's hoping for more (well, one can hope, ~wink~!)!!

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