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It's Official: Raspberries Festival Announced


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How 'bout having it on a farm in Iowa? Lol! I could set up a stage on a flatbed trailer out in the yard. Iowa is centrally located. I don't have a job, so I've got plenty of time to work on it. I'm depressed as heck, so this might actually cheer me up and give me something to live for. There is a 6 mile long lake 1 mile from my house and a casino 5.5 miles away. I've got about 80 trees in my yard and a cornfield--therefore, wouldn't even have to rent porta-potties.......

Just another thought to ponder. Don't know about a name though.......how about Wii?? Weekend in iowa?


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I don't care who has one or where it is BUT whatever it takes I really would like to get the chance to meet the many wonderfully kind-hearted, Raspberries lovin' members of this board!! I regret not being on this board one year earlier or I might have already met a few of you when Valorie and I were at the Cleveland show...'we were all alone in the world'! I know people say hey, there will always be other times...but I don't take that for granted...EVERY single day is a blessing to both Valorie and I...it was Valorie's dream last fall to see her all time favorite band...and we did..now it's my dream to meet my all time favorite people online!! I may not be here as often as before and sometimes I don't reach out to you individually as before...but I want you all to know that you have been there for me in ways you don't even realize and I luvs ya for it!! Thank you!!

*Vera* :wub:

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Darlene is the reason I joined E.C.com. I and my sister (from Montreal) were fortunate enough to meet Darlene and her husband backstage in New York. Not being tech savvy, I didn't even know about this site. I believe she picked up on my and Francine's (my sister's) passion, and encouraged me to sign on here.

In that spirit, I am going to issue this challenge. What if each of us were to recruit just one more passionate fan!!!!?

Let's let the guy's know just what reach they had!

So hello once again Darlene! I think about our meeting every time I watch the DVD. Which is of course often. (twice a week).

A bientot,


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