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It's Official: Raspberries Festival Announced


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Well Bernie can certainly help and give you ideas Danny - we can help you out as well with $$ for food and beverage purchases and whatnot - and probably even dare I say it .... I could COOK if I had too OMG..... Just something to think about ;)

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Danny, if you're really serious about it, let's talk. I'm sure once I give the "official" blessing, moving the annual party to your place for this year could be a smash success! Heck, we're talking driving distance for just about all of the band members, plus if you're really talking about a small stage with equipment, I mean, who knows what can happen? I know one thing, if there's an empty guitar jack, I'll bring one of mine to plug into it!


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Your right Steve!

I had my heart set on meeting everyone at this summers WAB.

Danny- you are so wonderful to have even offered such a generous idea!

I myself, like MJ, will help with anything I can to make this happen! I am incredibly organized and very efficient!

I could fly in a day or two in advance to help-just say the word!!! :)

This is SO exciting!

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Danny S. said:

PLEASE Lets not put the proverbial "Cart before the Horse"...this was just a "suggestion" to Bernie...

It's too late Danny, once we all get excited about something, it's hard to stop the momentum! As a matter of fact, I think I might start driving to Ohio today, and I'll just knock on your door every day or so until the party starts! :blink:

In all honesty, this would be a cool thing. :wacko:


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La la la...not saying a word...checking airline miles - no pressure Danny - hmmmm -

"We really move our tails for you, to make your every wish come true, fly Continental Airlines, we really move our tails for you."

Again: No pressure!

Wendy (off to finish some work - then into the pool!)

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