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Play On: 2009?


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Can you possibly stop these guys right now? They are on the biggest high of their careers. I expect some new songs and a campaign trek to the Hall of Fame starting soon. I have to believe at the next practice someone or somehow a new song will be born.

I envision...

The band breaks...A few minutes later Eric gets back first and his fingers start dancing across his keyboards with some strange configurations of piano chords...Wally unwraps a new piece of gum and plugs in his guitar while hearing Eric's piano. He nods and then explodes with a few crunchy signature Wally chords, looks over at Eric and they give each other a shit ass grim. Jim steps back in and immediately sees what is happening and races to his drums, drops his foot down, and bangs out a beat like only "Thunder Boy' could do... Dave straps on his bass and lays down a line that shakes the glasses off the table...

Picture these guys in a room this pumped up about their fabulous past, the exciting present and nothing but new energy bouncing off the walls for the near future!

I'm giving 4:1 odds on some new songs this Summer. Look for a very Raspberry Christmas!

Hey, I also heard that they stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night!

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