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How About One Last Show?


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That's the second "huh, lol" I've gotten from Chris.

My post was two lines of thought. I should have separated the ideas with a paragraph and not a close quote followed by a period.

First thought:

If the band does do another show someone will complain about it wasn't close enough to them or they had something else they had to do... as they have done so many times.

Second thought:

I do wish Bruce would make an appearance with them.

New thought, but related to the first one:

If there is a next time... it might really, really, be the last time. I hope not. But, do not miss your chance.

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sorry if i misunderstood..lol means lots of love..and you sound very bitter if i may say so..i just did'nt get what you were saying..that's all...sorry we had our 2nd "huh,lol"..i understand not to miss them if there is a next time..i'll shut up now,i did'nt think i did anything wrong to hurt anyone here..Lots Of Love,chris

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At the time of the split in 1974, I remember one journo writing something along the lines of "Sadly they decided not to go on and make the truly great album that the promise shown on the Starting Over album suggested they were capable of."

What a gift that would be. (although IMHO the SO album IS truly GREAT!).

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In my heart I believe Eric knows there are way too many rabid fans of his and the boys to just silently walk off into the sunset without ever having the courtesy to say "hey guys, I wish there could be more shows, but it's become extremely difficult".

I'm sure he would do at least that for us,especially since Eric knows how we all feel.

Our relationship is most likely different than that of other fans and other performers. This is more like not only is he Eric Carmen, he's our friend.

At least that's the way I feel, or am made to feel.

Where else do you see pictures of anyone else hanging at weekend BBQs with their fans?

I don't know if Bon Jovi does that, or Billy Joel....

And to me Eric is just as popular and famous because I knew of him before all the others.

So I don't think that anything is over, nothing is final, there is no closure. It's the summertime, everyone is busy on vacation, or with their families.

In order to be balanced one must be diverse. Otherwise sooner or later everything becomes boring and routine. Eric doesn't seem that way being that the guy is so damn creative.

I'm just being patient. It will happen.

BTW Chris, you and my wife are the only ones I know that say 'LOL' means 'Lots of Love'. Everyone else I know says it's Laughing Out Loud.

ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off....

TTYL = Talk To You Later

LYB = Love You, Bye...

LOL = Laughing Out Loud


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word on the street is the State Theatre show doesn't permit them to play there again w/in a 1 year+ turnaround time - however, from my observation while in Cleveland, that very cool area was called "the theatre district", so there must be other great old theaters for them to play - or i'd love to see them at the House of Blues there

it may be just a bunch of noise we're making that falls on deaf ears, but a 2nd annual Christmas season reunion would be a ton of fun again - the hometown crowd was awesome

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Well, maybe if doing concerts is too difficult to arrange, is it possible to start recording again? I was part of a very novel project back 11 years ago where a bunch of us Moodies fans from 4 continents were sending 4 track-recorded cassettes of ourselves around for people to be adding their tracks with a fellow in Ann Arbor putting them all together in his basement studio and adding synth/drums etc. That was prehistoric technology and very analog before the internet and computer capabilities have made this sort of thing dead easy. I have friends who record very high quality, multi-layered stuff in their bedroom and now have 2 screens and a computer souped up with the right audio software.

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