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How About One Last Show?


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All has been quiet on the Raspberries front for quite a while now...it was a great ride, thank you!!! Many of us clearly remember the days of Eric Carmen.com just being a place to fantasize about maybe one day seeing "him" live with never any thoughts of the band possibly getting back together. And what did we get... a series of shows, meet and greets, live appearances at WAB's, in reality our dreams came true.

But now what?

The buzz is gone, the excitement has wained, time is slipping by my friends, we're all getting older and wiser (maybe) as we begin to drift further and further out of this Raspberrie wonderland.

So how about going out with a BANG guys...one last show, for you, for us, for the fans. Knowing it's the last will give it that "charge" that will make it memorable for all of us.

Go out with a BANG boys not a whimper....

One last show! One last show! One last show!

Yes, a pilgramage to Cleveland for "One Last Show"....who's with me???????

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Let me say this...If the State Theatre show was the last time The Raspberries perform live, then it went out with a BANG! As a guy who has seen hundreds of shows Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson to Sprinsteen at The Agora, Macca, The Who, etc, The State Theatre show sits right at the top of the heap.Of Course I think they should do a holiday show every year.

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I hate, hate, hate that word !! "CLOSURE". It sounds so final ! Finished..Done....To be over..The end !! That is NOT what I want to hear from my most favorite band !! As long as the four of them can still walk out on a stage, pick up their instruments, and play music.....you can bet your boots I'll be there !!

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I for one don't believe that the State Theatre was the last one. If it was, Eric surely would have said something. I think that they might have alot going on in their personal lives. Also that Paul Sidoti is touring with Taylor Swift. I don't know if these are any of the reasons why there hasn't been an announcement. Hopefully there will be more shows but only time will tell.

Let's keep praying for more shows!!!


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There can't be a last show until I finally make one... (I hope) :(

That said, sometimes it's darkest before the dawn and calmest before the storm... (and there might even be a song somewhere in there... ^_^ )

Yeah, it's always calmest before the storm...

Always darkest before the dawn

We want more 'berris shows

Who's with me... bring 'em on!


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When the right gig comes along, there will be another show. No closure necessary. When it's quiet for awhile, it's natural to become a bit nervous, but I'm sure if it were over, someone would have said something.

The music industry and EC.com itself have seen a lot of changes since Bernie created this website. And every decision is complicated. Even if they told us Cleveland was the last show, I don't give up so easily.

:) --Darlene

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I am not ready for anything that even resembles the End.

I didn't even know the Raspberries until two very short years ago and never dreamed I would attend the fabulous concert in Cleveland.

Schedules are busy and life with young children is a precious thing.

I am pretty booked up already through the new year, and I am sure others are in the same position.

Maybe next year, Eric.


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I wonder how many people might say, "The last show is not in my city... I can't make it", or "I have a soccer game to go to that weekend." I wish Bruce Springsteen or Brian Wilson would take the band under their wing. Imagine what the exposure could do.

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