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Marv is using Windows Vista - he's eons ahead of us now - he'll never get to see the videos lmfao. Marv - we were lucky you were there to see it live - just think back upon it..... ahahahhaa sorry.

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Funny..I guess that whole "guy on the shoulders" thing was happening very close to me, but I didn't even notice him ! It's that kinda weird thing that happens when I'm at a Raspberries concert...everything else just goes away for awhile ! :lol:

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Marlene - Occasionally, I do look "outside of my box" to see what's going on with the rest of the band ahahahahaha - and I did see the shoulder guy and thought - huh?? Shouldh't that be a WOMAN trying to get nearer to Eric by being on someone's shoulders??? But it was LA so I just went back to view you know who and carried on in my own little world lol.

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the shoulder guy was very funny, & he was blissin' out over GATW - classic, if not bizarre, moment

wally's tune was great, had forgotten how awesome the bg vox are, jim is a total metronome on the tune (more cowbell!), & i had never noticed dave's cool bass climb after wally's gtr solo

never been much for dave's eagles-esque tune, at least not as a 'berries tune. now 'hard to get over a heartache' is another story

was a wacky LA night, but a warmup for the greatest show on earth @ the state theatre in cleveland a few weeks later..

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