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Fan Reunion in NYC Pictures

Anna R

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Ok, per a few requests, I am posting 3 pictures that Ira took with his camera in NYC when we all met on Dec 28th.

The first one is of me and the ever so fun Diane!


the next one is of all of us. From left to right: Maggie Clarke, Lew Bundles, Dianed, me, Tiggsherby (Harry), Gman, Ira and JohnP.


If anyone else has pictures you can email them to me and I will post them.

I had so much fun meeting everyone.

You all are a special bunch! heartpump

I look forward to the next time...

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So the boys of ec.com are really hot and I haven't been lied too! ;) Yawza!

Ira, in the last photo you look a lot like one of the wonderful men that I’ve had in my life, Michael Stern. He was my boss years ago when I lost him to a heart condition. When I opened this photo, no kidding, my eyes got all watery. For one second, Michael was smiling at me once again.

It’s terrific to put faces to names. I wish I could have been there. We need to do something like this in So California. Fan get togethers are great!

Thanks for posting, Anna...

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John P said:

Thanks Anna. Unfortunately the flash of the camera made my eyes close which is always the case with me. Any suggestions how to prevent this? Please!

You know John, I always seem to react the same way when a flash goes off. It really is a miracle that my eyes were open! I guess I was far enough away.

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You guys are all so sweet! This is why I love this site.

I wish I had more pictures- actually the pictures are from our very own Ira's camera. My son took ours when he did some sightseeing of NYC, so I didn't have it there to get my own pictures. SO really we have to THANK IRA!!!

I really look forward to WAB and hope that many of us who have not met, will!

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