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Substitute & No Reply

Early Wynn

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Reid C. said:

Can't decide whether Ticket to Ride in Cleveland was more Beatles or Raspberries. Come to think of it, who cares? It was freakin' awesome!

I agree!!! That was an amazing performance! I was just listening to the Beatles this afternoon. The Berries did a fantastic job covering this song. I can't decide which version I like better....

Yes.... it official, I love the Beatles....

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speaking of "no reply"...anyone have the video of eric,jim,and wally doing that along with "i dont want to spoil the party" from the cleveland jane scott (i believe i got that right) concert/tribute gig?? the ghoul in cleveland showed that along time ago..i would love to see it again,have not seen it since,and as far as i know,that was the first time these guys played live together before the actual reunion of the guys happened..lol,chris

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