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My two copies (#10 & 11) were sitting inside my screen door when I arrived home late Sat/early Sun.....kudos to the mailman for not just sitting them on my porch, where they would have been rained on! I need to watch the entire DVD now to see if the back of my bigass head was in in any other footage....

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I got mine yesterday and am over the moon. This one is the one I ordered, but I bought a deluxe edition at FYE because I couldn't wait to see and hear it!

The LE is mind-boggling. The hand-written lyrics are amazing to behold. The extras are amazing--thank God Jim had the foresight to take movies back in the day!!!

Just looking at the autographed sleeve jolts my heart! heartpump


:) --Darlene

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As of tomorrow morning all Special Edition orders received through yesterday, August 13th will be in the mail.

Remember, the Limited Editions went out first, then some Special Editions were mailed late last week, with the remaing Special Editions going out tomorrow morning.

Canadian and overseas orders usually take longer to be received.

Keeping this info in mind, if you are concerned that you should have received your set please PM me with your full name, address, and when you ordered your set. I'll look into it for you.


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