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Mine arrived today --with the soon-to-be-popped bubble wrap! Best so far is seeing those lyric notes!

A bit of the cd case splintered off, and the liner notes are splotchy, but gosh --this is ectasy-in-a-box!

Looking forward to listening to the CDs tonight; the DVD will have to wait!


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#267 arrived in IOWA today!!! Yippee!!! This has got to be some kind of world record for my mail!!!! My package was pretty buggered up on a corner so my folder of lyrics is damaged, but everything else is great!!

Wow! I just never dreamed mine would arrive so fast! Am I the highest number to be delivered so far??


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My Limited Edition #87 has arrived for its first weekend in New England! Proudly checking in here before I watch the first frame of the DVD! Thank you Raspberries and everyone else who made it possible! This is a far cry from that coffee-stained original of Side 3 I spent an arm and a leg for back in '86. My EC.com million hit iPod Nano is a-waitin' to be fed some live berries!!!

Happy Tooth :lol:

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A happy day here in Suffolk, Virginia...#57 complete with bubble wrap (which I rescued from my "neat freak" husband) I was like a kid at Christmas opening and "ooohing and aaahing" over the goodies. Then, I rushed upstairs to the big TV and popped in the DVD. WOW.....WOW...WOW!!! Reliving all those great memories from the wonderful AC concert, and watching the smiles on the guy's faces as they sang. Words just can't express how happy I am to have this DVD/CD set.

THANKS to all who made it possible! I LOVE IT!!


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