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Awww... man... my mail box is about 18hrs flying time away... guess we'll have some real exciting mail when we get back!!!!

I must say that seeing everyone's excitement is really cool. Al,... you and your team are making a lot of people real happy this week.

Muzza :cool:

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I'm hoping it is in the mail when I get home today. I sing in a bar on Friday nights, and I usually set up early and play a CD or DVD for an hour or so before I start to warm the room up and have a couple of drinks before I go on.

If nobody in the band minds a "public" perfomance of the DVD, I'm hoping to play it tonight if it arrives. Often my pre-show music generates interest with people asking me who the artist is, etc. Maybe I can drum up a few sales.

And, what better way to first watch the disc than on a 100" projection screen through my high-end PA system!

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#30 of 300 arrived in New Jersey this morning (Friday).

Great stuff.

Wonderful job guys getting this done!!!

Watching the full concert on DVD as we speak.

Thanks to everyone involved for doing this for all of us.

PS Does anyone remember a post a long time ago, asking for a limited, signed CD/DVD set to be created for this historic occasion?? smile

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