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I got mine today as well. The best thing is the bubble wrap. I never seen such precision in the cut of a piece of bubble wrap and it will be framed. I need to get Jim to autograph it!!

I saw my wife in the background during one of the interviews on the "I WANNA BE WITH YOU" feature and I wondered who the old guy standing next to her was and then realized it was me! Gads, am I getting old!

Great full DVD of the concert.

Number 43 out of 300

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WC1215 said:

Madison OH

Wow, I have a friend that lives in Madison, OH ~ LOL (she grew up there but just moved back last year)! :)

I'm SO EXCITED ~ MINE arrived in the mail today as well!!! Yeah baby!!! Can't wait to watch the bonuses on the DVD and of course, the concert ~ just arrived 10 minutes ago and I had to come on and post!! :wub:

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I know this is gonna be a deal breaker for some and the masses may very well be outraged and calling for my scalp after I share this ...but...and I need everyone to sit down for the bad news and have a loved one nearby...

Not everyone who gets a Limited or Special Edition package will receive...bubble wrap.

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Thanks, Rasp, it was pretty exciting! All the waiting was well worth it when the package arrived. It's a beauty! It is quite obvious that everyone involved in the project poured their heart and soul into it and it shows. It's a great time to be a Raspberry fan. (Now if we could just have some more concerts -- I know, I'm greedy!)

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