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HOB Last Night...GREAT!

Raspberry Rick

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I posted my thoughts on the COURAGE thread, but I'll talk about the Meet and Greet. First of all, the place was PACKED for the show! Sorry there were only about 200 at the Grove, but the HOB was practically sold out. For the M&G, there was about 30, 40 people. My girlfriend and I hung with another board member and were the first group to see the band. They were in a little sitting room upstairs. We were taken 5 at a time. Eric was sitting on what looked like a throne. I said, "Eric, you look like a king on his throne." He said, "Yes. I'll I need is a sceptor." I stuck out my hand and he said, "I know you. I remember you." I had a zebra print shirt on that he kept commenting on. "I Love that! Where'd you get that!!? This guy dresses better than us!" He also kidded me about my "too young" girlfriend. He said, "I remember you guys...and you oughta be ashamed of yourself!" He said, "You're young enough to be my granddaughter!" All the guys were SO nice!!! they signed stuff and took pictures. It was a lot more informal than last time when we were in an assembly line to get pictures taken with them. As we were leaving and thanked them, Eric said something like "I want to find that shirt...you gotta find one for me."...and then something about staying one step ahead of the law. "YOu know, in some states it's illegal to have a girlfriend that young!" He was such a crackup. We got a great shot of us with the band...and when we left we were just beaming!! The show was amazing!!!! And I loved rubbing elbows with fellow board members. there WERE the technical problems and delays....but the band played amazingly well...maybe better than last time. After the last song, Eric thanked the crowd for being so patient, then said, "Now, we're going back to our hotel and kill ourselves!" I felt bad for him....but I hope the and the band realize the crowd was in heaven from the first note to the end, regardless of the looseness of the show. I can't wait to see them again when they come back out. RASPBERRIES RULE FOREVER!!!

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Honestly... not packed. Not even CLOSE to sold out, and not even CLOSE to how crowded it was in 2005. The floor itself was PACKED, but everywhere else it was easy to just walk around and check the show out from various vantage points.

I think the 2005 show was better, but even when you think it wasn't "amazing," it was pretty damn good!

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I want to add my reply about last night's show, too... but I REALLY need sleep first!! Just getting back to Maryland from LA.

I'll just say this much for now...it was another INCREDIBLE performance...SO GOOD :lol: to be listening to my favorite band, hanging with some of my COOLEST :cool: friends..be back after some zzzzzzzzzzz to continue....

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It's my turn for the review! I finally got home this evening!

Let's start with the radio show first - SO FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!! Had to listen in on my little tuner because the hotel alarm radio was not working - I hope someone taped the thing - the acoustic set was just stunning.....

Moving along to the M&G - well - let's just change the times around lol - It eventually worked out well - 12 of us went to dinner at 5:30 so we could attend the M&G in a timely manner lol.... Low and behold when we sat at the table we hear GATW and headed towards the tables nearest the stage upstairs - gee - the band is doing rehearsal lol - AnnaR, Jill, Beatle Jay, Sherberries and her hubby and I stood there transfixed watching them - until I think the manager asked us if we were with the band (we just should have said yes lol). He made us go back to our table to eat. The waiter was very nice and went to the box office to get all of our VIP stickers that we didn't know we needed lol. We went outside to wait in the VIP line and I got a chance to meet Kathleen Travers aka arspoetica from here who also was the west coast branch of the original Raspberries fan club! It was nice to see her. It was a little brisk outside for me at least waiting - however, the van with the band drove up and of course we were waving like 10 year olds at the van lol.

We went up to the couches on the porch to wait - and then it was REALLY Brisk lol. Meanwhile - back at the GA ticket people, they were already standing where they wanted to be for the show - we were stuck in the cold waiting to meet the band lol. It was worth it - I got warmed up pretty damn fast lol.

I had this great old Choir photo that the boys signed and Eric was a great sport and wrote the following with an arrow "Should have been Eric" pointing down to Jim Skeen and then he autographed it as Jim Skeen lol. The guys were great and signed stuff and let us take photos. Then we went back outside again to go around and get back into the building so we could find our places.

BeatleJay and I assumed our Highline Ballroom positions right in the front - he was by Dave, me by Wally (of course lol).... AnnaR and Jill were next to me with her neices standing behind us, Sherberries and her husband were next to them. I don't know where Kirk, Reid, and everyone else were - I was focused on the stage.


I cannot tell you the absolute joy I felt watching them play that night - and what really made my year was seeing that famous Wally Bryson smile worth a million dollars all night long!!! Wally entertained us all during the technical problems, and he and Dave did a bit of a jam which I thought was great! You know everyone who was at the Highline was actually terribly concerned about Wally because he never cracked a smile once at those shows - well good news - he has returned lol.....

Musically, let me point out that Jim was absolutely brilliant on the drums, Eric was a fine voice belting out the songs, Dave was steady as a rock and was particularly moving during Should I Wait (and by judging to the huge applause he got - it was sooo well deserved lol).

My favorite moment was when Dave told the audience about Anna R's pumpkin bread lol - you should have seen her face! I did have to laugh though when Eric had to drag his battery pack back to his mike after I'm A Rocker - things just were not going well for him that night lol. And Eric - you mike drooping - lmfao - It was classic - and so was Wally's line.......My personal favs of course were Last Dance, Ticket to Ride, Substitute, GATW, and Nobody Knows. The band was just kicking major ass even though they were having issues. I thought the sound was better than the Highline shows and the band sounded much tighter.

I only have this to say to the band - you can NEVER disappoint us as long as you continue to play together.... the die hards will try their best to travel to every show they can get to. Although I won't be in Cleveland - my heart will certainly be there with all the other fans :)

I look forward to 2008 - please so some more shows and please come to Florida guys lol.

I love you all and wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season and New Year....

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Now it's time for you to 'fess up:

"Darlene's predictions came true--every last one of 'em!"

I *told* you that the famous million-dollar Bryson smile would indeed be present in all its glory, AND that no matter what happened, that everyone in the band would be THRILLED to be there and play their hearts out, simply because they ADORE playing together. And that it would be a phenomenal performance.

Ah, methinks it may be time for me to set up shop with a raspberry-colored crystal ball...

SO glad it was a dream weekend for you (and so many others!) I'm dying of jealousy (I had to play), but I'll get there.

:) --Darlene

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MJ- I wasn't too far away from you. There was another cluster in front of Wally right behind you: Ken Sharp and Sue, popdude, Jennifer, Jeff, myself- but I could see the rest of the group from where I was at, especially Beatlejay when he would jump in the air!

It's funny how different each meet and greet experience can be. Wednesday, there was plenty of time to spend with each band member and I was pretty much on sensory overload by the time it was over :) Friday, I greeted the band with, "Aren't you Frosty and the Snowmen?" (if you heard the Mark and Brian show that morning you might get it). Anyway, things were running late and I just wanted to make sure I got a picture with the band to commemorate the occasion, so this time it was pretty brief :cool:

Did I just go to two Raspberries concerts in three days? Somebody pinch me- Kirk.

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Yes Kirk you did go to 2 shows in 3 days. Let's hope there will be a lot more of that in the future lol!

I had my blinders on Kirk I was not looking behind me I was focused on the stage and on Wally lol - didn't see anything else except for Anna gazing at Eric with an expression I know so well lol.

Hope to see you at another show soon! It was great meeting you!

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So that's were you got to, Kirk. We were just to the right of Beatlejay and Marlene at the front, pretty much between Dave and Eric. Talk about sensory overload. I literally had to take some quiet time after work on Saturday, to remember who all I had met, what I had seen, and what I had missed. Evidently I missed a lot at the HOB, but what the heck. It was a killer evening.

Hey austinberries! Remember us? We stunbled upon you at the valet parking kiosk. Good to meet you. :lol:

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