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HOB: My 2 Cents

Tim From Wisconsin

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music is universal enough that anyone feels comfortable slipping into Rock Critic skin, especially fans. i may have tossed my hat in the "could do w/out the covers" camp, but also included in any of my own posts how great i thought they were (flew halfway across country to see 'em) & waxed superlative about them in the very same posts. so i don't think you can black-and-white it & say some folks just can't see the glass as half-full; fans know what they like & are gonna say so, & the one thing that's obvious here is that everyone *really* digs & loves the Raspberries - the unmistakable & unflinching common denominator among their biggest fans, who happen to also hang out here @ EC.com

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Ok - I'm changing the subject lol - did you all see when Dugan's car alarm kept going off repeatedly because drops of rain were falling on his car? It was hilarous - he had to come out like 3 times to shut it off - I know he wasn't amused but I laughed my ass off lol. Only in California......

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What do you have when you combine the worlds greatest pianest, guitarist, drummer, bassest, & vocal harmonies to die for? You get the Raspberries of course. The 2007 HOB location on Sunset Blvd in California makes the thrid concert that I have seen of this legendary band. A fan from day one I am living in total bliss. 2005 was a dream come true and everything now is icing. And I like a lot of icing. There were problems and you could see the tension in the band over it, but like the true professionals they are, the show went on without a hitch. The meet and great was GREAT and as in the last two I attended all of the members made me feel like their friend. Dave and Jim have always made me feel like and old buddy. Wally and Eric joked around with me making me feel like a million dollars. At 51 years old it was finding this band in 1970 that has lead me to the life I enjoy today. I love each and everyone of them as a brother. I'm in ESCTACY. :D heartpump

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Reading through this, I see a common thread, that being nearly everyone grateful for the Raspberries have come back to gift us with their great music in a live setting.

After that, there are the " they could sing the phone book " people, and those who could do without the covers for originals in their place.

I think that everyone has their points, and that the band will do exactly what they want to do.

As for myself, I'd rather hear some choice originals ( " Crusin' Music " and " Starting Over " to name two ), instead of the covers.

I have always thought covers were the refuge of a band with a shortage of quality original material.

That's not the case with the Raspberries.

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