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Meanwhile...the Weekend After the Show


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...I'll be driving again to NYC, for a "Rocks Off" concert cruise on 10/20/07 with UK band The Wildhearts. They just upgraded this show to a bigger ship (The Temptress), due to greater demand for tickets. (The Wildhearts have cancelled their last 2 scheduled NY appearances, and people are flying in from all over the country and the UK for this one.)

I'm not sure how many people fit on the ship, but it's 2 decks, each with its own bar. The boat leaves from 41st Street and West Side Drive, and cruises around NYC for 3-4 hours, with 2 bands playing (opening act and headliner, NOT both at the same time!)

Hmmmm....this would have been a great idea for a Raspberries show, although I suspect that Rocks Off would have to boost their regular ticket prices ($20-25) considerably to afford them!

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...And what's even better - Wildhearts fans are probably much crazier (and bigger drunks and hopheads) than Bad Brains' fans....I'm a fan of both bands! Putting several hundred Wildhearts fans PLUS the band on a boat is asking for trouble!

While the only real troublemaker in Bad Brains is their singer H.R., who's been known to pick the occasional fight with audience members (WHEN he actually shows up for the gig), the Wildhearts have employed a long and notable list of junkies, drunks and scoundrels. (Not to mention singer/guitarist/frontman Ginger's numerous rehab stints and several suicide attempts, or his various recording alter-egos, most recently Howling Wille C*nt, who last year recorded perhaps the most disgusting alt-C&W album in history, "The World Of Filth" -it's on Amazon.com).

Perhaps the main reason that fame/fortune has eluded the band in the UK is the time they trashed a writer's office in either Sounds or Melody Maker, because he had written a bad review of their 2nd album, "Phuq" (pronounced just as you think it is...)...but it turned out they were so drunk that they picked the wrong office! And what's a huge shame - these guys are great musicians and have recorded some of the best power-pop (with metal overtones) tunes in history!

This boat cruise will definitely be memorable, I'm suspecting!

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You're getting me interested in this band now:) I love junkie troublemaker bands! HR has some mental problems & in and out of sanitariums. I saw them last year in NYC at CBGB's final hardcore show, luckily the show I saw he was reasonably sane, I heard the day before he wore a motorcycle helmet with a mic on it and stood stock still the whole set. The part that cracked me up was that HR had a separate dressing room from the band. And even though CBGB allowed no smoking, you could get a good contact high just by standing in the hallway by the dressing rooms;)Have fun on the cruise, maybe we'll be joining you. English mags are so smarmy, Melody Maker reviewed one of my records stating it could be melted down to make a good ashtray! Meanwhile, Kerrang gave us 5K's, their top rank.

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