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chris hess

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me,chris hess,i'm finally gonna make it to a raspberries concert!!!..again,thanks to a dear friend here..been waiting since 1973,when it was cancelled in canton due to wally bryson's sickness..i'm speachless!! i guess i'm driving up myself and back that night,so,i hope to god i have good directions from here..or i'm cooked!! lol,chris

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You've certainly been communicating your love to all of us and especially your love of Raspberries since you've been posting here. You are one of the very sweetest and nicest people on the board, and I'm completely *thrilled* for you that you're going to a Raspberries concert!!!

As you always say, LOL (Lots Of Love)

:) --Darlene

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i called the person who got me this chance to thank them and actually got very choked up at the end..but as i said to that person..it's a good thing..my friend/playing/songwriter partner teaches a guy who lives in akron and it turns out this is his first time to see the berries at this gig too..looks like we might hook up to drive up together!! this is the world to me at this point..no b.s.!!! lol,chris

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