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State Theatre Bootleg

Al K

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Leff said:

I also like the memory of Austinberries dancing in the aisles, much to the chagrin of the security folks! :lol:

right! i forgot about that... we were feeling the urge to texas 2-step to dave's "i can't wait", which is a great country-rock tune for such a thing! (even tho' i think i posted in another strand that i'm on the fence w/ that song as 'berries tune)

the security guard who saw us out from backstage afterwards said, in his (maybe caribbean or african) accent, "we will live to dance another night, texas" or something along those lines..

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I had to do that too PM. I was sitting there thinking the lyrics aren't matching up with music.... duh....

I was so excited to hear "That's Rock and Roll" I couldn't help but stand up and scream like I was 18 again! I probably hurt the ears of the person standing in front of me and Jay52 who was sitting next to me.

Too bad that it wasn't taped because that was a stellar performance(the first one I've been to). It will be talked about as a mythical moment in rock-n-roll history for years to come.

I'm so glad that I was there to witness it! heartpump

Let's do it again!


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speaking of bootlegs, i just downloaded recordings from the NYC Highline show, & a show at the Agora Ballroom in '73. anyone else come across these?

fact is, bootlegs are an unreversible reality in today's digital age... i speak out only b/c i don't intend to distribute (nor do i think anyone on these boards would), only wanted to listen in out of curiosity/fandom, & of course have supported the band through legitimate channels to rather extreme amounts

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Like everyone, I love to see anything Raspberries, but I have a real problem buying anything bootleg.

This music belongs to the Eric and the rest of the guys. No one else. It is depriving them of something they wrote, developed, and own.

No to mention it is disrespectful . Just my humble opinion.

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Now Eric can chime in on this if he wants...But if there was a bootleg of the Raspberries at the famed Carnegie show or the State show...and the band had no intention of releasing product for either of those show[This is all very hypothetical of course]I would buy it. My gut feeling is that the guys would be fine with it in that case.

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I've always been so dead against bootlegs and expressed EXACTLY the same ideas ImARocker described. This all went on on the old Raspberries.net website. Then, an extremely cultured, intelligent guy spelled out a list of reasons, especially that "so many truly great moments in rock and roll history would be totally lost" if someone had not made a bootleg tape. Another person, possibly his friend, chimed in and both gave the best and most rational reasons I could possibly imagine for not wanting to roast someone who made the bootleg in question on that thread on a spit.

Anyway, I think I printed out that person's truly intelligent reasons, which touched on that particular recording not impacting money made by the band, and had to say I couldn't disagree with him. I have no idea who the person was, but he was an incredibly fine and intelligent individual who gave me a new slant on the issue.

That said, I still think Raspberries, or any artist, should have the right of "quality control" of what gets out there. Any bootleg that has approval of the artist(s), (the artist(s) having heard the material in question, I guess isn't totally bad. Confusing issue, for sure.

:) --Darlene

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Don't agree...honestly...how many copies of Raspberrie bootlegs do you think are being circulated? Not many...the majority of Raspberrie nuts here don't have em.This is just my opinion...but I don't see a big deal here.With so few copies out there and true fanatics owning them...I'd say they don't care. I could be wrong...maybe you have heard something I haven't.

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