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Rock Hall Raspberries


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I recall a couple of years ago that there were some Kiss fans that had a little demonstration at the HOF....which proves two things (1)Wenner and company(in NYC)calls the shots, and (2)Kiss fans are pissed, too!

Adding even more to the irony is that Kiss is from NEW YORK!

And yes, "Atomic" was a hit, at least regionally, in California.

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i gotta ya!! i'm all for that,i usually am very optomistic,but the rock and roll hall of fame is very upsetting to me in the most part..and it should'nt be..it's the "people" not the "real" people that make the choices..and it frustrates the hell outa me that it has'nt changed after all these years,that's all..i love your enthusiasm,it's a rarity nowadays..if u find a leak in the sytem,well,i've got your back..that's for sure!! u rock!! lol,chris

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darlene said:

That WILL happen one day.

Right on Darlene! I know for sure that when The Raspberries are inducted that all of us here will be there to celebrate! There won't be a soul here on the board that has logged on.(Sorry Bernie but we know that you'll be there too! :) )


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OK, for all of you who think it's a crime and a sin that our boys are not yet in the Rock Hall, let me give you a list of some other acts or individuals not yet in the Hall, to provide you with some perspective. I'll just throw a few names out that I don't see how anyone can disagree with as belonging there. (I got these names from Roger Friedman of Fox News--it may be the first and last time I trust them as a news source. Anyway.)

Neil Sedaka--How many of the early '60s rock hits did HE write, including his own?

Chicago--You can say "They're not 'rock,'" but you can also say Madonna is not "rock."

Neil Diamond--Same principle as the other Neil. Wrote scads of rock hits in addition to his successful solo career. I don't care what you say, "Cherry Cherry" rocks.

Laura Nyro--Again, how many rock hits did SHE write?

The Moody Blues--Legendary band, not yet in.

Ben E. King--Both solo and with the Drifters, a classic artist of the early rock era.

Billy Preston--If for no other reason than being the fifth Beatle, y'all!

Todd Rundgren--He writes, he performs, he produces, he does pioneering stuff with technology. Should've been in long ago. Besides, he knows who to steal from--right, Eric? :-)

Carole King--If I have to convince you based on the number of hit songs SHE wrote, you're just not paying attention.

Hall & Oates--Laugh if you will. These guys had more permutations of style than you can count before they became consistent hitmakers, and they have held up, too. Classic fusers of white rock and Philly soul.

Iggy Pop--Not always my cup of tea, but I don't see how he can be denied.

Sonny & Cher--Sheesh, Sonny alone deserves it based on the hits he wrote. Cher alone deserves it if you're going to induct the likes of Madonna. Together, they had plenty enough hits to deserve it.

Leon Russell--I don't think a huge argument needs to be made for him either.

Ringo Starr (as a solo artist)--Why is he the only single Beatle not in? It can't be on the basis of not having enough hits (quality of some of them be damned).

Lesley Gore--It's time to invite her to this party.

Phil Ramone--But one of many overlooked producers.

Cousin Brucie--But one of many overlooked DJs.

Wolfman Jack--Ditto.

Little Anthony and the Imperials--Classic '60s act.

Quincy Jones--Again, a no-brainer.

So, you see, you can argue for the Raspberries all you want, but one thing you have to admit, they have some damn good company.

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I NEVER heard any 'berries songs on the radio when they were current, and I was in Montreal. I learned about the band through magazines and K-Tel records. It wasn't until the Classic Rock stations picked them up years after that I started hearing the songs on the radio. Even then, it was only "Go All the Way."

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I was so psyched when the Rock & Roll of Fame was formed and built in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a charter member & over the years really had high hopes that some of my favorites would be inducted.

It's a shame that this is really a music hall of fame and not a rock hall of fame. If it was just rock and roll, most everyone listed in this thread, would of been in already.

The only reason I'm still a member is that I still hold out a little hope that these people will wise up a little, but that's my heart talking, In my head I know it probably won't happen.

As far the Raspberries go, obviously they are one of my favorites and pioneers of power pop, but they're many groups that deserve to get in ahead of them.

Just going by the groups listed already I find it insulting that The Guess Who, The Hollies, and Three Dog Night are still not in. They're are many more I could mention including my all time favorite...Alice Cooper !

It's a damn shame that the rock hall doesn't get it !!!

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I was at the hall of fame about 5 years ago and was surprised to (barely) see Jim's drum head buried in the back, obstructed by a metal glass connector.

"That's it!?!", I thought. I know their time was brief but the fellas deserve better than this.

Has anyone been there recently and have they corrected this poor display at all?

C'mon Cleavland! They're your boys. Show 'em up right! i have to say, anytime i hear your city's name mentioned the opening guitar riff from "Go All The Way" blasts in my head and out of my lips.

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Mitch, I hear what you're saying about other groups that might be a little more deserving.

Yes, i'm sick that my Moody Blues aren't in there.

But my argument about the Raspberries has always been this.

Exactly how many other groups had the misfortune of trying to fill the void left by the Beatles?

My other pet peeve is when people call the Beatles Rock and Roll then call the Raspberries Power Pop. Only the Beatles could get away with songs ike Bungalow Bill, Obladi-Oblada,Honey Pie..there's nothing Rock and Roll about those songs.

And exactly how many groups did it better than the Raspberries? My answer is a big fat NONE.

The word 'Pioneer' as in the phrase 'Pioneer of Power Pop' should be enough to get our boys in.

Right now in my book it should be called the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.

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The Raspberries display at the RRHOF consists of this:

--A drumhead of Jim's from the quasi-reunion (sans Eric) earlier in their history

--Wally's covered-with-patches jeans

--Jim's jacket with a deer head embroidered on the back

--A guitar of Eric's, I seem to recall from my last trip, but I think it was one he played on Ringo's tour. My memory is sketchy. I believe it was included as a replacement for Wally's Flying V, which used to be on display there pre-reunion. I've said before and I'll say it again, given the choice, I'd rather be listening to Wally's Flying V than looking at it in a display case.

I seem to recall that years ago, they also had the original written lyrics for GATW on display, but they are no longer there.

Even so, this is way more than the vast majority of bands of their achievement have in the Hall. And let's be honest, even this wouldn't be there if they were not from Ohio. Sad, but true.

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hollies65 said:

The Beatles are the touchstone for all Power Pop bands.

I agree, and as for Rock and Roll songs I am remiss to find more than a couple that the Beatles did. Helter Skelter is the obvious one.

I think song for song when you compare the Beatles with the Raspberries it's the same tone.

I mean I hold 'I Reach for the Light' right up there with many Beatle favorites.

'Nobody Knows' is another great tune which reminds me of Beatles 65.

BTW, ELO is definitely right up there and I might add Procol Harum to the list.

As for the Raspberries items in that Hall of Shame, it's certainly a disgusting slap in the face and lack of respect for our guys who hail from Cleveland. I don't know if it would bother me as much if the Hall of Shame was in LA or somewhere else.

I still haven't gotten any response which angers me even more. I'll give it another week or so and send another one. I might even decide to call them up and make some inquiries.

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