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Anyone At Cleveland Concert Find A Raspberries Poster?


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Hi Everyone,

Well all I can say is, WOW, what a show ~ I have to concur with Trindy, my hometown did us proud, the boys truly got an awesome reception tonight ~

Truly something special to be a part of!! :) I was overcome to finally hear ABM live, think Eric and the boys did FANTASTIC ~ I literally almost felt like crying (it was a *religious* experience lol, what can I say?!)!! I still feel their VERY first reunion concert at the HOB in '04 was THE greatest concert of the 'Berries I've ever been to, but that may be so much just because...it was my FIRST time to finally see them! I still have great memories from that night!!!

The only down thing from my night, the hubby and I went to the Wyndham (sp?) Hotel after the show, with Mellie (Mel B!) and somehow, while amidst all the excitement, my husband apparently dropped, my "Raspberries LIVE!" concert poster, I had bought at the show...I was SO EXCITED to get that poster, needless to say I was heartbroken to have it disappear (even asked at the registration desk, but no one had turned it in sadly!). I realize at some point I can probably purchase it again, but funds are so tight for the hubby and me right now ~ I was fortunate to be able to have my Christmas gift early and finally pick up the "Raspberries TONIGHT!" book, and even had it signed by Bernie and Ken, Wally, Jim, and Dave ~ that was so special and a definite highlight of the evening for me!

I'm hoping someone might have found the poster, it would mean so much! I'm so sad I won't have it to hang up in our den for the holiday but oh well. I also want to say it was so nice to meet so many people tonight, Mellie (it was so awesome to finally get together!!), DianeD (thank you for the 'Berries pin, love it!!), Reid C, HT from MO, and many others...man my *brain* is mush after tonight..lol!!

Hope the boys come back to Cleveland again soon, and maybe, just maybe, have some new material!! :)

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