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So, How Many Of You Have Played the "Pause" Game?


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Okay, I keep seeing references to "WAB" the past couple days ...wow I must be so out of the loop ~ what is WAB (I just KNOW it's going to be something I should know, HA!)?! :lol: LOL I agree, we're *BOTH* important... ;)

Edit: Okay never mind ;) ...just saw the *thread* regarding WAB (the EricCarmen.com Summer party?) on the forum ~ hoping to check it out! :lol:

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Trindy said:

I haven't done the "pause" yet on the montage, but I plan to!

Be sure and do it, it's totally awesome seeing all the pics, so many I've never seen before!

I have to say, after looking at the montage (while pausing), I always knew this but WOW, Wally was a total cutie (lol I'm sure that would make his day, HA!)!!! After Eric, Wally was a big fave for me :wub: There's so much to discover on the DVD, I've only scratched the surface (had company for a couple days so been busy!)!

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OK, I did it and it is really cool.

Looks like Dave wasn't the only one who had a "Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry" T-shirt...Wally had one too.

I now have some questions. The place where they are posing with the women and the sewing machines...is that George Barris' custom auto shop? Because those photos seem to be associated with the Raspberry Volkswagen...the winner (I gather the girl in the shoes with the laces that criscrossed around her calves) is in many of them...also, she's shown in the middle of the boys holding up what appears to be a dashboard 8-track tape player and they're each holding up a round black thing, which I assume to be those groovy '70s quadraphonic speakers with which the tape player in her Rollswagen came equipped...Wally is also shown holding one of the tires.

I'm wondering if the women they posed with at the sewing machines had the job of stitching the custom upholstery on the vehicles. (I thought I saw some fake fur in the background, and those looked like pretty heavy-duty sewing machines.)

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austinberries said:

luvthemraspberries, thanks for the idea of slowing down the photo montage!

You're welcome austinberries! :) I love looking at pics through the years, and wow, such great pictures that I'm SURE, have a lot of great stories behind them as well! :lol:

I would love to know more about the picture Trindy referred to, above in her post too! I'm still exploring the DVD itself since the hubby & I were on vacation right after it arrived ~ can't wait to see more! :)

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I will certainly do the "pause" thing, considering that "when I was young..." I took ALL the newspaper articles and pictures off a Raspberries best album and went to the New York Public Library and researched the newspapers/magazines they came from to try to find all the articles. I never got them all, but I still have the list!

:) --Darlene

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A lot of the photos have already appeared in Ken Sharp's book or MARATHON MAN, but they're still cool to see in this form and in color to boot. And a lot haven't.

I looked back at both books today and realized that looking at them helped identify the Raspberries Rolls photo situation. The women in the photos were actually the "Star Girls"--reporters from Star Magazine, which was sponsoring the Rolls contest. (The winner wouldn't have been in these, Jim had to go down to her town in Florida to meet her.) This is why they're doing all the posing with the 'Berries and the various car parts at the Barris shop. And yes, they do show up in the room where the raspberry-colored fake fur covers are being sewn for the upholstery (and one of the women in these shots may actually be the one who did the sewing--I'd have to look again to see whether anyone is in the shots other than the "Star Girls").

The Rollswagen must have been something else!

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