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Huge Disappointment


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I have been looking forward to this concert so much for months now and because of my life right now I have to pass. I am stay with my daughter and granddaughter in Pa. right now, to help her, because she broke both ankles. I also have health problems myself and I'm having a bad time right now. To go I would have to take a 12 hr. train ride. I had tickets but them the snow came and my body doesn't move well in cold, damp weather. I just had to give in, and boy do I hate to give in.

I just had another disappointment, my Mother just away passed suddenly. At least I believe she never felt any pain.

I hope you all enjoy the show. (I know you will!)

Love June :wub:

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Oh, June...I am so sad about everything that is hitting you now. I will miss seeing you. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your mom (I lost my own right about this time of year myself seven years ago) and it was very sudden too. It's terrible any time it happens but I have a special feeling for you because of that.

Please take good care of yourself during this time when you're trying to take care of others...don't forget to do that. Hold your loved ones close and know that you have lots of people thinking of you.

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June, I'm so sorry you're going through so much right now. Being with your daughter and granddaughter will be the best medicine for all of you. My deepest sympathy to you all in the loss of your Mom. But you now have a guardian angel who will watch over you and pull you safely through the bad times.

There will be other shows, and you *will* be there! Your strong support and love of Raspberries helped bring everything that's happened about, so hang in there--you'll be back again. Those of us who couldn't go to the Cleveland concert or Los Angeles were definitely with them in spirit until we can make the next show.

Take care and you're in my prayers. It's amazing what that mustard seed can do! You'll have better days in no time.

:) --Love, Darlene

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