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Hands up those of you who got no sleep either Saturday or Sunday night!!!! I am so tired but I wanted to see how the ticket sales are going for Cleveland and see who all is going to that show lol. I have downloaded all my photos from the M&G's and the soundcheck and Sunday's show - I will send some to Bernie as soon as I take a long deserved nap lol. This Raspberrie high is great - but it's hell on the body lol. Again so many thanks to the Bank, their wives, their families and all the message board friends who I met over the weekend - I don't want to come off of this high - I have so many great memories and photos.......

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Herman and I stayed up till after 3 AM last night just reliving the TWO amazing performances by the band, so I thought I'd never be able to get out of bed for school this morning, but...

I was on such a Raspberries high that I stayed cheerful and alert all day. I was beginning a group of new violin and viola students this morning and had to do some exercises with them without their instruments.

I always say, "Stand up all by yourselves," meaning "without instruments," but today I said, "Stand up" and started singing, "ALL BY YOURSELVES...." and the art teacher came strolling by and said, "I know that song...it's by Eric Carmen!" I asked, "You know Eric Carmen's music?" He said he did know Eric and Raspberries music and started singing "Hungry Eyes" and "Go All The Way."

I was so amazed that I recounted the Raspberries reunion tour and the two Highline concerts and said, "You just won the deluxe edition of "Raspberries Live on Sunset Strip"! Now, I'll buy one and give it to him. I had no idea he had such great taste in music!

I had a VERY cool day! :cool:

NOW, I'm tired.

:) --Darlene

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