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Pre-Show at Otto Moser's!


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Well, come on everybody, get down and get with it. If you're coming to the Cleveland show you've been waiting for it, and now it's here.

My plan: meet at Otto Moser's, which is a nice place full of Cleveland character, has decent reasonably priced food and plenty of room, starting at 5:30 Friday night. I'm planning on working Friday and just staying downtown and coming over, and that's about as soon as I can make it.

I would like to make reservations for us, so if you're interested, please either post here or send me a message. I would like to make these reservations TOMORROW NIGHT at the latest, so please chime in if you would like to join us.

Otto Moser's is right on Euclid Ave., just a few doors to the west of the State Theatre (next to the Ohio Theatre). Easy to get to (walk or bus, don't drive) and a veery quick walk to the theatre afterward.

So...if you want to come...speak now or forever hold your peace!! See you there!!

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OK, here's the scoop. The reservation is at 5:30, for two tables of 10 each, under the name "Trindy." If any of you get there before me, just have a seat or hang out at the bar if you prefer; I'll be there ASAP and I will wear my Raspberries Play On! button to make me easy to identify as a fellow traveler.

They did advise me that their policy is to have but one check and one gratuity per table, so please be prepared to make things easy on the hard-working waitress they will no doubt give us by bringing along cash so it's easy to toss in your part of the bill. (No, I didn't ask what the gratuity was, but let's assume 15%.)

If anyone needs further directions, let me know, but really, Otto Moser's is so close to the Playhouse Square theatres it might bite you, so it should not be hard to find.

See you there Friday, 'Berries backers!

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you can add mr & mrs austinberries to the list. also need to know how to get there, will be staying at the wyndham, which is right there apparently. also a current cell phone list if someone's got one, can post here or email me at the link above

so bernie is nowhere to be found on these boards lately - anyone know his e-whereabouts, or if he'll be in for the show (at least i don't think he lives in cleveland)

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