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What Songs Are Missing In Action?


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I LOVE "Money Down." (Probably more of a "guy" song, MJ, right?) My order of preference would be:

1. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine
2. On the Beach
3. Money Down
4. Goin' Nowhere Tonight
5. Hands on You (just for fun...)

And if I could ask for three solos, they'd be:

1. Eric's "Boats Against the Current"
2. Wally's "Come Back" (from his Fotomaker days; "Name of the Game" would be great as well)
3. Dave's "They Grow Up" (I got to tell Dave in NYC how much I dig this song.... Anyone with daughters would feel the same way. If you don't have Dave's Internal Monologue CD yet, pick it up....)

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Great topic! My list:

1) Every Way I Can
2) Get It Moving
3) Goin' Nowhere
4) Cry
5) With You In My Life

Can you tell I'm a Dave fan??

3 "solos"

1) POP TEASERS!!! - (From the semi-reunion CD "Refreshed". This should have been played from the 1st reunion and at every gig since - the lyrics capture them AND US perfectly!)
2) Let's Just Say Goodbye (Wally song from the Sittin' Ducks CD)
3) My Girl (from Eric's 1st solo LP)

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marvin said:

1. All Through the Night (even though the lyrics suck!)
2. Money Down
3. On the Beach
4. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine

Interesting choices, Marvin. I'd like to hear "All Through The Night" with the original title "Thank You For Services Rendered" (I think that's what Eric said the title was originally - just sounds like it would be a pretty good, Stones-ish gut-puncher with that title and a few lyric changes).

I have adored "On The Beach" all my life - minus the birds, please. That chorus is awesome.

I'd love to hear a Beach Boys-inspired, Raspberries medley of "On The Beach"/"Cruisin' Music"/"Drivin' Around"/"She Did It"/"Top Down Summer".

I think Eric's "Take It Or Leave It," Eric's "Inside Story," Wally's "Come Back" (Fotomaker) and Wally's "I Still Want You" (Tattoo) are all songs that could put all those guitar-players on stage to great use.

Don Krider :)

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marvin said:

We did get a bit of a Beach Boys-inspired medley in Chicago with "Drivin' and Cruisin'."

I was thinking of a longer medley - it used to be one of my favorite things to get a Raspberries album or an Eric solo album (toss "Sunrise" and "Someday" onto the medley list) and find one spot-on Beach Boys-inspired tune on every album.

On the '73 tour they also did a piano medley (the Raspberries piano songs from the first two albums) that was very cool, too.

And hearing that medley of the covers of "Be My Baby" and "Locomotion" on that '73 tour was a high point of my life back then - forget The Ronettes and Little Eva, Raspberries made those songs their own when they sang them.

Don Krider :)

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Money Down is one of my all time favorites penned by Wally. When the band originally played it in the seventies it was a hard rocker much like "All Right Now". However, when they recorded it they added the horns and slowed it down a step. I can still remember when I got the album I had the capability to speed up the turntable and listened to it at the original speed. The horns sounded a little strange but the song rocked. I would love to see the guys play it once again as it was written.

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In regards to 'All Through The Night'...I'd say that for young men in the early to mid 70s that was a pretty common attitude...a mysogynistic rock song??? In the 70s! Oh no! Some young people write songs about sex pure and simple...I could list a hundred from that time period WAY more over the top than that. It's a good tune IMO.

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EWIC would be great! I remember Drivin' Around and Cruisin' Music from a show back at the Whiskey in LA. Top notch rock and roll! And, if we are talking about any add ons from the EC catalog, Sunrise with the loooong intro and accompianing "light of dawn" lighting effects would knock everyone on their collective ears! Great opening number and it totally lends itself to the Raspberries style. Just ask Kirk if you don't believe me. Go for it, Guys! :cool:

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