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I am so sorry I forgot to tell you THANK YOU FOR THE BUTTON! I love it! Eric even noticed!!!

Sorry you had such a rought flight home. I know I was very tired after sitting in airports but hey it was all worth it! Next time we should bunk together!


It was nice to finally meet you!

Take care,


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Marlene said exactly what I was thinking. I knew this was going to be the show of all shows. Every time I see them, I am amazed at how much better Raspberries sound live than on recordings and State Theatre was the perfect place to showcase that talent. Of the five Raspberries concerts I have been to, Cleveland outshines them all. I have never seen another band perform with such heart. No matter how many times Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim have played the songs before, they always look like they're having a lot of fun and not just putting on a show.

I liked the addition of "That's Rock and Roll". That feels like a Raspberries song.

Over the lonnnggg drive home, I was thinking - they played State Theatre and nailed every song the way they did at Carnegie Hall. These larger venues suit the band well. Maybe booking all the smaller clubs isn't thinking big enough. It seems odd to sit through a rock concert, but it sure makes the standing ovation a lot more exciting! Nobody ever deserved it more. Thank you Eric, Dave, Wally, Jim and the Overdubs!!!! You all are THE BEST!!!

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Now my two cents.... First of all, I would like to personally say, that everyone I have met on this board, has been genuine,considerate, caring and very friendly.After exchanging pleasantries in the aisle with many many people, the lights dimmed and the first chords were strummed, I practically dove into my seat.Sorry to a few that were on the Aisle, I may have stepped on your toes~.The Mix was fantastic.I was a dozen rows up, centre stage, lined up with Jim's kick drum.I could hear every nuance, every guitar part from Billy and Paul,and every vocal. This was a performance to remember.Everyone was in "top form",(yeah there were a few"clams" here and there, but this is live.The clams were covered well, which shows the professionalism.

"If you change your mind" made me cry, 'All by Myself", made me totally lose it.

I also want to take the time to personally thank Dianed, for making me laugh uncontrollably all weekend,and all the

"IM NEVVA EVVA DOIN THIS AGAIN"(s)because of the weather situations.

Also,My Cousin Paul Sidoti for everything he does for me.He gives 110% all the time.

I love you !

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Well hello everyone!!!!!! Wow, I finially got to meet so many of you guys! What a rush!

This first entry will be somewhat short as Christine(my lovely wife), Tanya (my daughter, and yes Chris Hess, the talent behind the made in Canada poster......thanks everyone who signed, the band seemed to really appreciate it, pictures to follow), Laura and Richard, my step kids, who, like all of us so appreciated the warm welcome from all of the guys, + Jennifer, Paul, and Billy, have just arrived from a 26hour drive (no exaggeration) from Cleveland to Ottawa.

What an adventure! More to follow later, as we are exhausted. Would I do it again?


The positive impression for what this community is about, as well as the absolutely bang on performance by the guys, topped off by the most gracious reception from the band and the Overdubs to my stepchildren and daughter, cannot be measured. New fans for sure, with many more to follow.

While we still have yet to determine a Canadian venue......I will not give up till it happens.

You all treated us so incredibly! While I won't yet try to name everyone, as I've yet to sleep, I do for now want to single out the following folks:

Trindy....Well done lovely lady! Great pre show party/dinner. Tanya sends her thanks to all who signed her poster.You left a very positive vibe!!!

sthom3521, what can I say? Sharing similar beliefs was like a tonic for me! We will definitely talk further!

DianeD. Tanya just looooovesyou!!!!! So do Christine and I! Thanks again!

ChrissHess, Bessieboo & Jim, Hungryeyes, Austinberries, Raspyrock, Danny S., and everyone who, in my exhaustion I've not yet mentioned, thank you soooooo much for your warm hospitality!

Finially, for now anyway, thank you Wally, Eric, Jim, Dave, Billy, Jennifer, and Paul (a.k.a. D.Q. foodfighter) for a trip that my family did not stop talking about for the whole 26 hrs we were on the road home. You truly are all first class.

and Kay, keep smiling in difficult times. It's something you do so well.....what a gift.

A bientot toute le monde!


p.s., Susie and Daryll......can't wait to see you both again!Thank you so much!


pppps: a big shout out to Al K.!!!! This guy has to be the hardest working guy in Rock & Roll!

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I am glad to hear Dianed and Marcus46 made it home OK. Also glad to hear that even with all their trials they feel it was worth it. What a bunch of fans this band has...you're amazing...all of you...whether I've named you or not...just great. It must feel great to be 'Berries knowing you have people like this behind you who will travel this far and go through all this to see you. Even so, it was deeply heartwarming to see that the boys didn't have to depend on that to get the tickets sold because their own hometown turned out to see them too and had a fantastic time. I only hope we can do it all again soon...maybe next time in better weather!

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It was definitely worth it, but when you're sitting at the airport and you're at the hands of Mother Nature, you tend to think twice about going through this again !! Like I said before, I am not a good flyer. You would NOT want to sit next to me on a plane. Today's flight was horrible. We were told there would be no serving of drinks, had to remain seated with seatbelts on during the entire flight and we were told to use the bathroom before we took off. The flight crew was even instructed to remain seated. The turbulence was scarey !! Up and down, tilting to the right, then tilting to the left. Uh, gee, was that my stomach that just rolled down the aisle ??

Certain months should be taken into consideration when scheduling shows, especially with a fan base like this one.

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Diane, when I was in the polka band, when we flew out to Michigan, we'd get terrible turbulence over Lake Erie every time. The plane would bounce up and down and we would drop so many feet, I always wondered if Lake Erie were equivalent to the Bermuda Triangle. I was always afraid we'd disappear off the radar and never be heard from again! But we didn't.

Don't let one bad flight scare you. The next one will be great. And look how brave you are!

:) --Darlene

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I am SO jealous!!!! I just knew this concert would be out-of-this-world spectacular! I KNEW it! That's why I was so disappointed that I couldn't go.

I'm so glad for everyone who did go, though. I'm glad the pre-show dinners were so great and that every number got a standing ovation!!! WOW!!!!!!

Wish I could have been there, but I truly WAS in spirit!!! The band and the fans were on my mind all weekend.

Here's to a LOT more like this!!!!

:) --Darlene

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Well, we're home but what a ride! The whole trip back to Chicago was very patchy driving. As I was telling Diane, first it was snowing steadily, then it was very dark. Then it was sunny, then it was near white-out conditions. We went by 5 cars (one on its roof) and 5 trucks off the road from sliding or losing control and 2 trucks (one a double-semi) jack-knifed still on the road. The double-semi hit the concrete divider and, thank God, didn't break through into oncoming traffic. We got trapped for over an hour in a backup which turned out to be a serious accident. A lady had been on the side of the road with car trouble when a state trooper pulled over to help her. A semi lost control and slammed the trooper's squad and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition so throw a few prayers out for that good samaritan Indiana trooper, would you please?

I haven't figured out how to put our trip into words yet without choking up so I'll just say that I waited 35 yrs for that night and couldn't have imagined it being any more perfect. Great music :) , great friends heartpump that I've deeply wanted to say --- who could ask for more?

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What a great concert!! This was my first one and I don't think I could be any happier. For me, it was just unbelievable. I had been waiting so long for this concert to happen that as we drove up and saw the Cleveland skyline, I start to get so excited that I almost got teary eyed! It was really going to happen.

The guys were just amazing. I loved every moment of it and tried to make a memory that will last forever.

My co-workers today asked me how the concert went and I said that I really enjoyed myself. They said they could tell because I seemed to be really happy. :)

Thanks to Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim for the best holiday present I could ever have! :wub:

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Thanks, Doug, for the detailed review! I expected it to be the best one yet. I've just had this feeling for the past few months that something big is in the offing and your review only adds to that feeling bigtime. I wish I could have seen Eric running around waving the mic stand shaking his "increasingly wild hair" and all the rest of the smokin' stuff that was going on! Sounds better than even the '70s revisited!!!

And yes, Chris, it definitely sounds like the "breakout" show you describe. They're getting back into the groove alright!


:) --Darlene

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that is MY gut feeling..c,mon..if more younger people are coming out,yet alone greater attendance,and more people joining the website,and people getting their socks blown off by the concerts by people who have seen them before..well,it's a great thing that's brewing..stats do'nt lie..and either do the ever growing list of fans..lol,chris

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