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Cleveland Photos

Al K

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gene,u almost made me cry..damn close!!..u brought back my memories from the gig in cleveland in the most perfect way..your pics took me back w/no music involved..just the sights..add the music on top of that,well,that truly is priceless..i wish i had the balls to introduce myself to you when u walked into the pre-show at the get together..but when tim said that was you walkin' in,i was stunned that u came,yet alone myself finally being there to see the berries in concert for the first time..great job as always..lol,chris

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Eric Carmen said:

Your best ones yet, Gene! ec


Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but the three-letter word "yet" in your note above gives us hope that there's more to come!

Gene, great photos -- just awesome. Outstanding work. The B&Ws mixed in were a nice touch. And in the crowd shots, I saw MAM (in front of Wally) and Jen (in front of Dave)....


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John P said:

Yes!!!!! I'm in picture #80! Whoooo!!!!!!!

Cool John...I'm in number...ummmmm...in #...yeah...no...that's not me...ummm...Oh wait!...no, that's not me either...riiiight. Oh well, that's life! ;)

Hey Gene, terrific pics! Thanks for sharing them. What special memories come to mind when I look at them. Gosh, I LOVED that night! I really did! I couldn't have had more fun if I planned it myself! :)

Wendy (still freezing in San Fran)

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wow - great pics, got to re-live that rockin' night for a few minutes again.. only other show i saw was the last LA HOB show, but i'm convinced this cleveland show had to be the best - or at least i cant imagine it getting any better, except by extending it another hour or so! always a pleasure viewing pics by a photog who really knows what he's doing..

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