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Vegas Anyone?

Tim From Wisconsin

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Couldn't agree with you more, Kirk. I started going in the early 80's and my sister and I would get all dressed up in evening wear—get to know the Maitre'd's and the Pit bosses, learned how to tip for a good table in a showroom NOT theatre seating, be able to have terrific food and drinks and still afford a great hotel. Now, one just doesn't experience that anymore. I loved it there!

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Anna R said:

UGH! Kirk, you reminded me...both being used to the strict CA laws about smoking, I always forget about how awful it is when I do visit Vegas!

I plan on seeing Cirque Du Soleil

"LOVE" when I go. Can't wait- heard it is fantastic!

Don't worry about the smoke at all Anna. Unless you are standing right next to someone who is smoking you won't even notice it. All of the properties have pretty amazing ventilation. I have a little bit of asthma and some allergies, and I don't get bothered at all.


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The last time we were there (last year), we stayed at the Palazzo, right next to the Venetian. The Venetian was doing something with orchids, and the smell that they used was overpowering. They emailed me a evaluation, and I told them that I couldn't even stand to be in the Venetian because the smell triggered my asthma. I didn't have a problem at the Palazzo.

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Anna, you will love the "Love" show. My daughter and I saw it last spring. It is absolutely fantastic, especially if you love the Beatles music. There is not a bad seat in the place, we were in the back row, and could see everything quite well. There are things going on all around the theatre. Enjoy, Sherry

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