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Weirdest Autograph Award at HOB

Reid C.

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As we got our tickets taken prior to the show, Anne, in her dulcet Kiwi tones, was mentioning to someone that more people know who SpongeBob SquarePants is than know who lives at 1600 Pensylvannia Avenue. The woman next to us quiped up with, " My husband is SpongeBob SquarePants". Yeah sure, lady. She insisted that it was true and as we entered the club, she pulled her husband along side and he started jabbering away with a watery dialog, just like SpongeBob. Well, he was good, I'll admit, but cartoons are serious business and proof was needed. This was provided when he whipped out a SpongeBob Songs CD and an 8x10 glossy (Well, who else would carry around stuff like that?)which he autographed and personalized for Anne's sprog, a rabid fan of this absorbing, cartoon character. If this is any indication, the Raspberries certainly have a wide and varied fan base (and his wife seemed so normal,too).

Thank you, Tom Kenny. You made a good little boy very happy! :)

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That's cool. Tom Kenny is a good friend of mine and my girlfriend. Some of you know I'm an animator and have worked with Tom on a few things...I see him ALL the time at the best shows...He's a HUGE Brian Wilson fan and he and Andy Paley (one of Brian's co-songwriters) have written many tunes for cartoon shows. I ran into Tom and his wife in line before the M&G and we chatted awhile. He's a very big Raspberries fan and we ran into each other at the 2005 gig. He's a really terrific guy!!

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