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Live On Sunset Strip!


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I am looking forward NOT to have it arrive Friday or Saturday as I will be out of town. Monday is a good day for me lol - I have a lot of patience - something I never had when I was younger....but after Monday or Tuesday I will probably be frantic like the rest of you!

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My wife just called. IT'S HERE!!! I asked her to describe the package and where she has it sitting. Dinner and adult beverages in front of the big screen tonight. She told me that it came by repeating the word our son used at 2 years old when he asked to listen to Side Three - Waspbeweebeat?

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What timing, I got mine today!

I had already packed up, and left for NJ, to stay the night before WAB, when my wife called, and told me, that something from the Raspberries had just arrived in the mail (priority).

I turned around and went back to pick it up, and luckily, I was only about 15 min away. I probably would have driven further, if necessary.

Anyway, I was absolutely blown away by the great production. For just one thought, the cd really shows off Wally's guitar playing. His riffing takes you back to the tone of the late 60's, and 70's guitarist, when alot of my guitar heroes emerged. It's that kind of good, when you want to go home, get out your guitar, and jam.

The bonus features are great too! Love all the fan interviews, band insight, special videos, unrealeased demos, etc. The preshow video is a highlight, and immediately takes you back in time, to the live show. The hand written lyrics are special too.

If you didn't aquire a copy of the sold out Limited edition, and haven't yet purchased the Special edition on Raspberries.com, you'd better get busy, because you won't forgive youself, if they sell out. It's a Raspberries's fan's dream!!! After watching the Limited copy, I had to order a copy of the special edition, just in case something would happen to my limited copy. In fact, the limited copy is going to find a home in the safe, with all that relatively worthless stuff.

What a weekend, today the Limited set, tommorrow, Raspberry land, yeah! :cool::lol:

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I don't know what the difference is but I ordered the Special Edition and the back of the outer cover says" LIMITED EDITION No." and then the number has been blacked out by a Sharpie. Maybe there's no difference or maybe they had some orders canceled.

Who cares it's great!!

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luvthemraspberries said:

Can anyone tell me, what's the difference between the limited edition (which I have!!) and the Special edition that's being offered?

The limited edition is signed and numbered, but the special edition is not. Beyond that, they are the same product.

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We've had a postal strike here over the last few weeks so still waiting for mine to cross the pond, dammit! In the meantime I've been checking out the record stores for the commercially released version and have drawn a big blank.

The biggest music store on the high streets in the UK is HMV who don't have it - not even on their web site. Borders likewise - how disappointing! Looks like I'm going to have to make a special pilgrimage up to the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street for the privilege of being able to buy Raspberries' new album in person from a record store.


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My Limited Edition arrived on Friday. I watched it twice on Friday night, staying up til 5AM, and again on Saturday night.

I've gotta say thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Seeing the Raspberries for the first time in Chicago back in January 05 was a euphemeral religious experience.

Had I grown up loving Jesus and actually met him 20 years later taking a stroll across Lake Michigan, I doubt I would have been any more awestruck and amazed at my good fortune.

Meeting so many great people from this board and sharing the experience across multiple shows all summer made 2005 one of my more memorable years.

It's great to have this disc- the entire concert- to relive the memories and witness the miracle whenever I so desire.

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