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Trindy said:

And the next person to say to me "What's another week to wait?" or "Focus on the POSITIVE!"...well, no comment!

Well, given the "no comment" I've got coming to me, I'd just say, What's another week to wait, Trindy? Focus on the positive....

In fact, Trindy, my friend, maybe you could run out and buy the $12.88 version. Why not? Keep it in the car, or give it to a deserving friend after you get the real deal.... And try to be a little understanding about the delay. After 33 years, yeah, what's another week? (Easy for me to say... I was returning from Louisville, Ky., on Sunday and on my connecting flight, in Baltimore, I got stuck on the runway --- in a cramped, sweaty plane --- for 3.5 hours! So waiting another week for Raspberries Extra Deluxe is not big deal.)

PS: Also, think of all the money you'll make if you decide to sell your 2nd deluxe edition. I bet you could double your investment....

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As my Marine Corps son always says...Semper Gumby (ever flexible) I always try to consider the reason for things happening, and also tell myself...."will getting upset over it change anything?" The answer is most often..."no"

Therefore, I accept what is occuring, and deal with it. I may not like it, but....in the end, I haven't annoyed anyone with negative comments, nor have I stressed myself out. As a result...I'm a happier and healthier (mentally and physically)person.

Like fine wine(which I love) the Raspberries DVD/CD is improving with age. It will be worth the wait when I "pop the cork" next week.

Calm down Trindy!


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BTW, I drove over to a Newbury Comics in Leominster, MA, intending to buy that $12.88 single-disc version while I await the "big one." Instead, I got the deluxe version... Heck, it was only $19.99. Naturally, I dug right in and listened, and watched; it was almost a religious experience. (Ironically, my wife and two daughters are on Cape Cod for a couple days, so... no interuptions....)

My take: The DVD left me anxious to see the rest. It was a huge thrill to see the band break into "I Wanna Be With You" (I missed the whole tour!), and I especially dug (dig) seeing "Overnight Sensation." Wally's a whiz, as I've always known, but to see him on the screen, well, what can you say? There's nobody better.

As for the CD, the tracks that really hit me the hardest, or moved me the most, were (in no particular order) "If You Change Your Mind," "I Can Remember," and "Should I Wait." Man, Dave is in great voice.... I've always loved "Should I Wait," and it still sounds fresh, and as others have said, it oughta be a single for somebody!

I also really loved hearing:

• Jim's drumming on "Ecstacy" and "Tonight" -- and seeing how he handled "I Don't Know What I Want" and "Overnight Sensation";

• Wally's guitar on practically everything;

• that unique treatment of "Let's Pretend" (I almost expected Ronnie Spector to start singing!);

• Eric's distinctive voice still sounding like, well, EC.

The Springsteen notes are a great testimonial (albeit brief), and the pic of Lennon wearing a Raspberries sweatshirt is a real treat. Way to go, John! And way to go, Mark Linnett!

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dianed said:

Blah, Blah, Blah !!! Everybody's got something to say !! While I understand the frustration that everyone has from this long awaited project, getting all wired up about this is not going to get this CD/DVD to us any sooner. So, we wait a little longer. So what !!! And—yes—we are loyal fans and maybe we should have gotten this package already, but if it wasn't for us loyal fans, there would be no CD/DVD. But, we'e getting something special that no one else will ever have. So, take a chill pill and remember that good things are worth the wait !!!

Unfortunately, this yet third delay, can end up making a BIG difference for me...which has me a little upset and bummed...the hubby & I are due to go away within 6 days, of the latest posted shipping date (Aug. 6), so heaven KNOWS if I'll be home, and able to intercept my very long awaited CD/DVD set. That could be a very real concern. I have to say I can understand some of Trindy's frustrations, and I feel she's entitled to be upset if she so chooses ~ honestly, if it weren't for how much I trust all that's behind this CD/DVD pre-ordered set, I would almost think there was something fishy going on, but of course I do KNOW better ;) I also think we should have received it, before the general public, but that's JMHO :(

I understand that there can be delays, but still I am disappointed in how it was handled...please don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY excited that finally, the Raspberries have a new release out there and that it is making (so far!) a big *splash* in various outlets!! :)

I feel the hard work that's been put into the limited edition will definitely be worth the wait, but sadly that still doesn't make it easier to accept ~ call me impatient ~ LOL!

I'm praying I'll be home, for when it arrives (we don't have neighbors we can rely on, to receive/intercept it for us)! :lol:

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At the risk of being lambasted (except by Trindy!) again for daring to say anything "negative".....I'm gonna make one more post on this subject, and that'll be it for this topic!

I can't speak for Trindy or anyone other than myself, but I, personally, am a music fanatic whose hobby borders on (or, more likely, overlaps into) the neurotic or maybe even psychotic....just as a lot of other people are when it comes to books, movies, coins, etc.

And part of our mania is wanting to, no, I take that back, NEEDING to see/share/own what we collect when they are released! - NOT a week later! (NOTE: The $125 per pop isn't an issue for me - but I suspect it may be for some, especially those who feel they spent enough already, so don't wish to seek out the commercial release.)

I agree with Dianed's comment above that we fans helped make this release possible. It's kinda like a new baby, and we're close relatives....relatives who have effectively been banned from seeing the new baby in the hospital until a week after he/she is born - and after the rest of the "outsider" world has been able to see him/her.....and we're being told "No problem, you can wait! After all, you're a close relative and can spend really great quality time with the child, but starting next week!"

Yeah, in the case of CD, we can go out and buy the commercial release....unless we happen to live in small hick towns like Washington, DC or Milwaukee, whose stores aren't stocking it! (Which, of course, is our fault because we couldn't order Borders or Barnes & Noble or BestBuy to stock a product that they figure will not sell...)

What would have happened recently had J.K. Rowling promised to release, let's say, several thousand advance, specially signed copies of the latest Harry Potter book to her biggest, most loyal fanatics, only to then decide - No, it's coming out a week after the commercial release!

Her biggest fans can now either buy the commercial version and read it upon release ,or sit back and read the reviews until they get their special copies. (I suspect this would have made the news, due to rioting of fans in various cities.)

Ditto if you're a film fanatic and get a chance to attend a world premiere, meet the cast and director, etc....then find out it's actually happening a week after the movie's being released commercially. You'll go, you'll enjoy the film....but deep down, you might be pissed....

Since I personally actually found a copy of the single disk version, my addiction has temporarily been satisfied this time....I've enjoyed it just as much as anyone else on this board, and I daresay I love the band as much as anyone on this board. However, the possibility (however remote) does exist that the 'Berries might piss off a fan and turn them off over something like this - and they need as many fans as they can get....so then their next release might actually get to the stores in our small towns!! (And yes, I know - this is far from the end of the world, it's just a CD release, yadda, yadda, yadda........Please pardon some of us for being human!)

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If a week delay in receiveing a new CD (no matter WHO it's by) gets someone in a tizzy, I simply can't imagine how they'd handle some of life's REAL vicissitudes! Good lord. (And, for the record, I too am in the same 'boat' -- ordered the 'deluxe' version moons ago and, apparently, will not get it for another week or so...and, I'll be out of town when it comes [damn]...whatever...it makes the anticipation all the more exciting -- in fact I'm wearing an adult diaper as we speak!)

Raspberries Rule (what we used to write on school desks back in the day...). Oh my god - I'm like a kid again!

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"If a week delay in receiveing a new CD (no matter WHO it's by) gets someone in a tizzy, I simply can't imagine how they'd handle some of life's REAL vicissitudes!"

Answer: lots of anti-depressants (Lexapro, Cymbalta, Prozac), other prescription drugs, junk food and alcohol! (and not necessarily in that order!)

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Damn it were not going to take it any more. We ordered our special deluxe package back in 1975 the year after the band broke up. We estimate that our original $125 dollars is now worth $612,243. While we can understand the business decision behind this we are offended that any dweeb with $15 dollars in his pocket can now wander down to the nearest Best Buy and have a copy. I want to remind Bernie, and others, that we had to walk through the snow barefoot to work everyday for three straight years to earn that $125 for the deluxe package. We are not trying to be martyrs or

Doomsday harbingers, but inless Jim Bonfanti, and a small brass band, personally brings our deluxe copy to our door we will start posting over at the Guess Who site. This country was founded on principles of fairness and decency. So was Canada, though you would never know it. Next time Raspberries try to offer us fans vacation time shares in Florida or low interest credit cards or home equity loans, you better believe we, as fans, will think twice. We are going to have the autographs in our deluxe package checked for authenticity. If our deluxe package isnt here by 12 noon we are contacting the Ohio National Guard.

Just remember, as Ben Franklin once said, the glass isnt half empty until you've drank from it.

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OK Bernie, I didn't really think it would come to this, but clearly it's time to e-mail a few pages of this thread to Dr. Phil. These issues need a real healing process. And from this day forward I will beware of any packages sent my way from Euclid, OH !!!

Next time some of us will just have to stock the liquor cabinet a little better!! :P:lol:

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You know, there are just so many of us. That "dweeb" with $15. in his pocket, multiplied by thousands, is what will make this thing go. I remember standing there "behind the ropes" in that special area for meet and greet fans for the first reunion concert. I watched as people came off the steet to see if there happened to be more tickets. I remember people who seemed to be "just going to a show" as they walked in 10 minutes before it started (I was making my last and final bathroom break). These people are the future. So, the neighbors saw the baby first. There may be a time when we will all have to "let go" of this baby as the multitudes discover this music. That will be a good thing. We will watch from afar with pride and satisfaction.

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I guess one of the "pitfalls" for fans who are involved with Eric Carmen and Raspberries projects is that people like Eric, Jim Bonfanti, Mark Linett, Bernie, Jim Bullotta and myself will not settle for imperfection if we can reasonably help it.

Could we have put this Limited and Special Edition set out with a few extra imperfections and saved some time? Sure.

We simply feel the fans deserve better.

But, believe me, when you see all of our painstaking attention to detail to produce the highest quality release possible, and our unwavering focus on what is undoubtedly the best quality Raspberries audio and video release ever produced, our guess is that the day after you receive this set you will forget about the relatively small delay in getting it to you.

We completely understand all of your frustration with the delays to get this release completed, and we all appreciate the substantial financial commitment you've made. That's actually why we decided the delay was worth it. The quality must justify the cost. And now we feel it does.

If we thought the balance of less quality vs. a quicker delivery date was worth it we would have just released the set "as is'. We just won't settle for imperfection if we can reasonably make it better.

Again, we really think the delay was absolutely neccessary to insure the quality is up to the standards we all expect from a Raspberries or Eric Carmen release.

Because the fans deserve it.



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luvthemraspberries said:

...so heaven KNOWS if I'll be home, and able to intercept my very long awaited CD/DVD set. That could be a very real concern. . . I'm praying I'll be home, for when it arrives (we don't have neighbors we can rely on, to receive/intercept it for us)! :lol:

Luvthem - go to the post office and fill out the green HOLD MAIL card. When you get back in town, your set will be safe and sound in a little basket waiting for you and you'll be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about what might or might not be. :)

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Come on guys/gals...get a grip! Let's try to get some sanity here. I'm laughing over all this nonsense! I'm also going out of town for a week and looking fwd to my return and popping down on the couch and watching the DVD and then blaring the CD on my stereo....and turning back time for a little while. Raspberries Rule!!

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OK, I'm going to try hard to control myself now. REALLY hard. I'm also going to avoid using names to respond to some of the things said here...which is probably all for the best.

If some people think I am engaging in a "long-winded diatribe"... too bad.

If some people think I am guilty of not being as good a patient, grateful little fan as I should be, or as they are...too DAMN bad.

If you think I have my "panties in a bundle" and am "acting like a spoiled child," think again. What is "spoiled" about paying money for something months in advance and then being disappointed when a smaller version of it is available for sale before you get what you paid for?

I don't care whether "The news that the special edition might be delayed is NOT 'new news.'" That's part of the reason I am tired of it. Delays have been the story of this whole project. Please forgive me for feeling frustrated, and saying so.

To those who say "Maybe you should have planned ahead instead of turning this thread into a 'Rant and Rave' session," I ask...why should I have had to order a THIRD version of the regular set, just to have it when it was released to everyone else? Why is it now my fault that I didn't choose to shell out even more money, just so I could do that?

I never said others don't have the right to say they think I am going overboard...but I have a right to tell them I think they are as wrong as they think I am.

To those who wish me to forget my bad mood and celebrate...I am not in a mood for celebration right now. Sorry. I will be in a mood to celebrate when I get what I ordered.

To those who think I am "in a tizzy" over this and say they simply can't imagine how I'd handle some of life's REAL vicissitudes...here's news for you. I have already handled some of "life's REAL vicissitudes" just fine, thankyouverymuch. Some people here know what I am referring to, too.

The same goes for those who recommeded Dr. Phil, alcohol or drugs to me to help me "handle" my disappointment. I'd thank you not to jump to conclusions about how I "handle things" just because of this. Trust me. You don't even begin to know.

To those who looked upon this as an opportunity to ridicule me and make fun of my attitude...all I can say is, I guess some people don't believe other people's feelings are to be taken seriously. (In case anyone was still wondering, no, I am NOT one of those people who can be "jollied out of my annoyance." At least not with that kind of "humor." Before you try to jolly me out of anything, you have to know me really, really well.)

Finally, Al, I would like to say that I appreciate that you "really think the delay was absolutely neccessary to insure the quality is up to the standards we all expect from a Raspberries or Eric Carmen release. Because the fans deserve it." I also respect the fact that you have tried to be straightforward about this, and not attempt to push me into feeling any way other than how I feel. Your answer was respectful, and I appreciate that. But that doesn't change the fact that something else that supposedly is not of the same "quality" is already available, and that seemed to be all right with everyone. Why is that, I wonder? Can you blame me for wondering? That's all I'm saying.

OK, I'm done. For now, anyway.

This is the real me. I'm not going to pretend to be otherwise. At least when you read me here, you know I have not lied or presented a false front about how I am. I'm a good, decent person, and I have been a loyal fan of this band since I was eleven years old. If it upsets some people that I am upset, again...that's just too bad.

I have not changed how I feel about Raspberries one iota. I just think this was a bad business decision, and showed poor judgment in terms of how to prioritize the releases. That's all.

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