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Live On Sunset Strip!


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I just posted this elsewhere (on a "Where To Buy" thread)...in Washington, DC, which, I hope, qualifies as a major city (even if we didn't have a MLB team for 30 years!), I've come up blank as far as getting the new CD at Borders, Barnes & Noble (which has a huge display for the new Korn CD, also released today(!?)) and Kemp Mill Music - with Tower gone, these are 3 of the biggest music retailers now in this area. If I can't find it in Melody at Dupont Circle, I'll probably go the overnight delivery route with Amazon, in lieu of driving to Baltimore or Richmond, where I know I'll be able to find it.....

I understand the reasoning of not stocking something if it won't sell....but this is a Rykodisc release, not on some mom & pop label. The Kemp Mill Music I was just in had a copy of Tommy Keene's latest release, for example...why not "Live On The Sunset Strip"? (And no, there's really no point in asking the proprietor, who's blasting the latest hip-hop releases at sonic volume when you walk in the store...)

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I don't post here often, but today is a special day.

I just bought my Deluxe version at Sam Goody's in downtown San Diego. They had five copies in stock under " Raspberries ".

I played a couple of tracks when I got back to the office, and it sounds great. I'm excited to listen to the whole show, and watch the DVD.

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My goodness. That version of SHOULD I WAIT on this release could be a hit if it could get airplay.

Overnight Sensation is outstanding as well. I cannot believe that a song with all the vocal parts as that one can be done so well live. (and I seen these guys do it live 5 times on the tour but this just confirms my ears at that time)

And quite a few other gems on this release as well.

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I just bought Let's Pretend, Go All The Way, Should I Wait, and I Wanna Be With You from iTunes to tide me over until i can get the CD...I can't wait to play 'em on the air tomorrow morning...I know it sounds crazy...But i like listening to 'em on my tinny laptop speakers to get that AM radio sound i remember so well...These are damn good songs and they still sound fresh after all these years.

btw...If you stop by my MySpace you will see a familiar picture...I saw Raspyrock with the Live On Sunset Strip poster as his default pic...and now i've got it up too.

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Just wondering...why is it so much later for us that pre-ordered than for when you can pick it up in some stores (from what I'm reading)?   This could be a problem as the hubby & I may be out of town within a week of the 6th, ugh!!  If anyone can explain the delayed date that would be great!  Guess I'm getting anxious but I'm confused just the same...

can't wait!!   :)

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Well...after checking out about 15 stores last night, I FINALLY found a copy of the single disk 13 song version at a Borders in downtown DC....which I promptly snagged, and have been playing since. No sign anywhere of a single copy of the Deluxe version in the DC metro area.....Surprisingly, at an Olsson's I found the new Robert Gordon/Chris Spedding/Jordanaires Elvis tribute CD....Ryko's other 7/31 release!

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