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Live On Sunset Strip!


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After getting home from WAB yesterday afternoon, my mother rode with me as I ran my errands. The deluxe CD was playing, so I left the stereo running while I got out to get my mail, picked up my laundry, etc. At one point, my mother commented "this music is really easy to listen to. The melodies are catchy and I like the harmonies." By the time we returned home, she had said that most of today's recording artists should take notes, because from what she has heard, a lot of them don't know the difference between noise and music, and this (Raspberries) is real music.

I gave her the 13-song CD to listen to on her drive home to K.C. She was thrilled!

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Mellie, this is the type of thing I love hearing -- us fans turning on new people to the band. Word of mouth (or should I say music to ear, in this case) is a great tool. I went to Amazon on Saturday night and ordered the 2 delux sets that were available -- I will be giving each one to friends who are music fans and know my love of this band. I am sure I will get good reviews from them and hopefully this move will spark a few more sales. If each one of us can buy an extra and give it as a gift to a friend or a family member, this will help the cause.

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I hope not either HT from Mo! The anticipation is killing me - I'm glad at least I have the Deluxe edition and old dvd's to watch of them to keep me sane. It appears that some in California, Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida are yet without their prized possessions. I emailed Al today about it.

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Just got through watching the DVD and listening to both CD's...I loved 'em!...The songs sounded fresh and crisp live...I was really impressed with how good the band sounds live...I have never been to a Raspberries concert so I did not really know what to expect...But the guys really came through with performances that were true to the songs...Performances that will appeal to old Raspberries fans and new converts...Now that i have both CD's it will increase my selection for use on my radio show...It'll be nice to go deeper into Live On The Sunset Strip to educate some of my listeners who may have missed the Raspberries the first time around.

Oh Yeah...After I played the CD's once I started 'em all over again...PLAY ON!

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