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Has Everyone Received Their Package?

Lee Marshall

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Canada Customs charges tax on goods imported into Canada, and they do it on the "value" of the goods (which is written on the outside of the package). However, for reasons unclear, Canada Customs decided that US$125.00 was not really the value of the goods in my package, but rather US$25.00 (about C$26.50). So I guess I got a lucky break. Still hurts though, and it's even more unfortunate for those of you who have to pay taxes on the entire amount.

The same thing happened to me when I received my copy of "Marathon Man". I think I had to pay the mailman $15 extra for that.

As noted above, it's not the band's fault at all. Just a quirk of a country that allegedly has a "free trade" agreement with the United States.

(The ironic thing is that I was in the USA when the package arrived...if I had picked it up in the US, it would have been within my exemption and I wouldn't have had to pay any taxes/fees at all.)

At the end of the day, though...I can't complain. It's a great package and totally brings me back to the concert I saw in New York City (I'm ignoring the border hassles that accompanied each leg of the trip).

Now, a gig or two in Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa this fall would be really great!

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