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Has Everyone Received Their Package?

Lee Marshall

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Figured I'd celebrate by ordering Eric's first solo lp...as I never had it on cd...just vinyl...and the combo cd of 'Boats and Change'. They got here today. But Live? Not yet. I'm a desparate fool. Someone should write an overture. Maybe Heaven can wait...but me? All I can say is someday. It ain't the end of the world after all. I didn't have a change of heart last night. I just have great expectations for everything contained there-in. So no hard feelings. THAT'S rock 'n' roll.

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Well I am exhausted emotionally from watching lol. It took me 4 hours 35 minutes (as I had to play the pause game 3 times lol). What a great dvd.....I was so excited I ran to the 46 inch hd tv to put it on...sigh.....thanks guys for doing this for the fans - it was just wonderful! Guess what I'll be doing over the weekend - MORE WATCHING....I will have to watch it at least 6 more times....maybe seven....eight....nine.....ten.... lmao. Oh and did I mention the actual concert OMG - I felt like I was there.....what a great show, a great band, great fans....sigh......

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Sorry about that, Tony - we had so many CD's and DVD's laying around the Midwest Regional Shipping facility and we tried to keep them all organized...but then we noticed the Raspberries discs and those from Jim's private collection all looked the same - round, shiny, a hole in the middle - and we just figured it didn't matter which ones we put in your set. Jim was mumbling something as he took special interest in filling your order - something about "Interchangeable"... :lol:

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