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Has Everyone Received Their Package?

Lee Marshall

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As of tomorrow morning all Special Edition orders received through yesterday, August 13th will be in the mail.

Remember, the Limited Editions went out first, then some Special Editions were mailed late last week, with the remaing Special Editions going out tomorrow morning.

Canadian and overseas orders usually take longer to be received.

Keeping this info in mind, if you are concerned that you should have received your set please PM me with your full name, address, and when you ordered your set. I'll look into it for you.


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Well you may remember my 'story' on this one Al. So far...not very lucky. Thought I'd ordered the limited edition package way back when it was first offered...only to discover FAR too late that I had, in fact, ONLY ordered the book.

Then I ordered the special edition only to have my old address get passed along by Paypal...but I believe all has been rectified. It'll likely be here tomorrow. I didn't go to the post office today.

Thanks for the "company" paulie... Yer the 'best'. No really. ;)

Thanks one and all. Feelin' better...but not nearly as good as I will when I'm listening to my new cd... :cool:

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I'm not home, but I called my wife and no, my LE copy hasn't arrived either. I'll send you a PM w/ my address, Al.

(And to think -- I was one of the "patience preachers"!) :(

PS: Of course, I won't be able to listen/watch until I get home on Saturday, anyway. But... I do want to know it's "in the house."

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Glad to see that I'm not All By Myself Waiting. Hope that I get it Tonight. But it seems like Nobody Knows. Going on vacation soon so I'll need some Cruzin Music to listen to while I'm Driving Around.For right now Lets Pretend that it will be soon. Not sure when I mailed in my order, I'll see if I Can Remember.

Don't Want To Say Good By.


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0000ps! My package was in my front door since August 9th! My son was/is home from college and our house is stuffed with anything and everything, every where. We had a TV/entertainment center blocking the front door so I haven't been in or out that way. My apologies to those who worked so hard to get this package out. Also Jim "Thunder Boy" Bonfanti as he seen my post and followed up within minutes. What a band!

Just plugged in the cd, so far WOW. I'm so happy to see this for the fans and the band.

Now where do I send my prepayment for the NEW Raspberry cd?


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I received my LE package Thursday, Aug. 9th. but did not pick it up until Saturday the 11th. The pkg. went to my billing address (my apt) insted of my shipping address (brother's hse). Thanks PayPal.

I have been very busy at work lately. I did listen to all of the audio and parts of all the video. Found the *Easter Egg* Was shocked to see myself in one of the interviews. Every thing is better than I ever dreamed of.


Thanks to everyone for your efforts to make the

*Live On Sunset Strip* package a reality!

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The address thing does make some sense. I did have to go to thr P.O to pick it up. It's just a little frustrating knowing thet it was *there* but I had to wait a couple of days to pick it up. I't was worth the wait because I also received a cut section of the famous bubble wrap.


Again, congrat's on being #1. That's soooo cool! :blink:

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