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...to everyone who made my sister Betty feel right at home both nights in NYC! It was her first Raspberries show on Sat. (and 2nd on Sunday), and she was blown away! She's been under a great deal of stress (very ugly divorce mess, much like Tunes), and it was great for her to get out of town for a long weekend.

P.S. While I told a lot of people I'd make the Clevelend show, it appears I waited too long & all of the good seats are gone, dammit! I may or may not make that show....

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Pre-sales usually only offer a set number of seats in each section. I'd try again when the official "on sale" date arrives. I am certain there will be more good seats made available in that general sale. If I were you, I'd log into the sale as soon as it starts as there will be a lot more more people vying for seats.


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It's true--you can pretty much count on seats being held back--it happens every time. We thought VIP seats were gone and bought GAs in New York, and then, lo and behold, VIPs magically appeared again. Every venue seems to do it--don't ask me why, but this time, John, it's to your advantage.

Go for the gold! You'll get a great seat, but as far as I'm concerned, EVERY seat at a Raspberries concert is a great seat.

:) --Darlene

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Actually, I just found a seat to my liking this morning, and scarfed it up! It's in Row Z, but on the aisle (Seat 214....and the seating chart shows # 201 - 214 - it's a short, indented row, dead center, for $55). With no large intestine and one kidney that only functions part-time, I usually hate seated shows if I can't get on the aisle....I managed to do that!....but will go after a better seat if I can.

(What I CAN'T seem to do is talk any of my friends or relatives into a trip to Cleveland, mid-December! They all think there'll be 4 feet of snow on the ground there then....and my last 2 trips to Clevelend were in early March, '06 and '07 - with only one snowfall, and it wasn't a big one...)

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