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Wally's Gum


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OK, Mike is the winner sort of.. Trident sugarless now. In the past almost any type of bubble gum. Wally was able to muti-task like no one else. Play guitar, smoke a cigarette, chew bubble gum and blow bubbles all at the same time. And on top of that yell at me for not having the guitar in perfect tune.

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Well in the old days Wally used the standard extra light set .09 - .11 - .16 - .36 - .46 and I have to tell you we broke a lot of the E & B strings, I was changing strings like a new mother changes diapers. Today we have changed a little bit and use .10 - .13 - .17 - .26 - .36 - .46. Going to the little heavier E, B & G strings have helped to fix the breakage problem and Wally can bend the strings a little more. Wally is from the old world and does not use any effects pedals so he really works the strings and neck of the guitars. There is a pedal that comes with the Vox amps but it only changes the settings in the amp to simulate different amps and change speed of echo, etc. Picks have always been Fender Mediums. I can happily say that on the 05-05 tour we did not break one string at any show. I normally change all the strings on all guitars (Eric & Wally) the weekend before the upcoming show. They will use these strings for the rehearsals and then I will change the E & B strings before soundcheck. I believe this is the reason we have not has any issues with broken strings. We will have to see if we have the same luck this time around.

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