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Should I Move...Or Offer Tours?


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Let me tell you all a little story.

Back in 2004, when I decided to move back to my hometown area after having spent decades elsewhere, I took a week's vacation from my soon-to-end job to go hunting for a new one here. During that time I had a few interviews, but did not have a new job nailed down by the time I left, as I still had to wait to hear back from these places I'd interviewed with. Even so, it was important for me to go apartment-hunting and find a place to live on my own right away, because with a lot of stuff accumulated from living on my own, plus two cats, and the only alternative being to move in with sisters who either didn't have room for me or already had cats or didn't want cats, I really couldn't just crash on someone else's couch until I got a job. However, I also didn't have a truckload of money saved up, so I was going to have to find some place that wasn't a slum, yet would still take me in despite the fact that I was geographically and financially in a bit of a limbo.

The Saturday of the week I was here job hunting, I took a little drive with the eldest sister--the one who, incidentally, turned me on to our Raspberries as a small child--to look at apartments.

I looked at a few around Lake County. Wasn't too impressed. So my sister continued driving east down Lakeshore Boulevard over the Cuyahoga County line. First apartment complex we saw was a big old high-rise on Lake Erie. Looked like it had been there since the late sixties or early seventies.

"You want to check that one out?" my sister asks.

Sure? Why not? The thought of living on the lake appealed to me...always had. In fact, having grown up in this area, I have always felt a little lost living in a place without a big body of water nearby. As we got out of the car, I tried to remind myself that it's June, and living on the shore of Lake Erie would not be a balmy prospect come January as it would be in, say, Florida. But I don't care, I thought. I'm from here. I'm a hardy girl. I can take it.

Well, it turned out they showed me a little apartment, I liked it, the rent sounded reasonable, and they had no problem with me and I wrote them a check and signed a lease. I had a place to stay, with a lake view! My sister and I went a ways down the road, to a McDonald's, to get some food and celebrate.

The day before I moved, I got a job offer. I've been living here and working at that job ever since.

What does any of this have to do with Eric? Well, as I discovered on another thread, this.

This apartment complex...just so happens to be the same apartment complex Eric moved into back in 1972, when it was new. (It had the same name then that it did when I moved into it.) OK, I don't know which building he lived in. I live in the east building. Maybe he lived in the west. I know I don't live on his floor, because he says he lived on the 21st, and I live on the 22nd. But...DAMN!

I live in the SAME apartment complex in which Eric sat pounding Cokes from McDonald's (the same one we visited, no doubt) and hammering out hits like "I Wanna Be With You" and "Let's Pretend"? DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!

And now, on Boats Blog, I see for the first time a small detail about the story behind Eric's simile of the "old newspaper blowin' down some windy street" in "Nowhere to Hide"...that it was inspired by his leaving the apartment and going for a drive to clear his head, and seeing the newspaper blowing around...JUST AS HE WAS RETURNING DOWN THIS VERY STREET TO HIS APARTMENT!

OK, so what he's telling me is, by sheer chance, when I moved back here, I moved right into the apartment complex WHERE ERIC WROTE MOST OF THE SONGS I GREW UP LISTENING TO AND LOVING? The apartment where Clive Davis first listened to him and offered him a contract? The apartment complex where he wrote "All By Myself," and everything on my beloved "Boats"?

Coincidence? I think not! Do strange vibrations pull us, unwittingly, in certain directions? I wonder!

Now comes the dilemma...my apartment is really small, and until the new management came in recently, the place was going to hell over the past few years...They're improving things a lot (the most important of which is they're finally replacing the old elevators, which have surely been around since Eric moved in are were WAY past due for replacement), but there are still some problems I'd like to see cleaned up. And like I said, the place I have now is just too small...I really need something bigger.

I can afford more rent now. I'm not in the tight spot I was back when I moved in thanks to having this job, and I really want to move into a bigger place. But...DAMN! If YOU knew you lived in a place where all this had happened, would YOU find it easy to move? Wouldn't you want the Ohio Historical Society to put up a freaking PLAQUE on the building? (Not to mention, get it put on the National Register of Historic Places?)

Just sayin'...on one hand, I look around me and say "Time to move." On the other, I say "What? And miss out on all those creative vibes?"

Decisions, decisions...!

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I agree with MAM, that is a cool story. There's more than a thousand members of this site, so being a Cleveland Berry Tours guide might actually have some income potential.

To walk the same path where a song was written, to see and feel the environment that inspired the songwriter, as you have done, that is very cool...

Don Krider :)

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Great story!!!! but I say, "MOVE." You have a great story you can always tell people, but YOUR life dictates moving on to bigger and better things. Never live your life in someone else's shadow. It's an AMAZING coincidence you live where Eric used to live!! Ultra-Cool....but get a place that you'll be comfortable in and you can afford. Best of luck to you!!!!

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As a songwriter, and a superstitious person, I could really get inspired living in a place where I knew great music was generated. I've imagined the apartment of "living alone/I think of all the friends I've known . . ." in my mind myriad times. I know that it's just bricks and mortar, but what such a place would do for my creativity can't be put into words.

If your old apartment makes you feel inspired, makes you get up and go to work in a good mood, all because Eric made some really great, dramatic music there, then the answer is clear.

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Raspberry Rick said:

Great story!!!! but I say, "MOVE." You have a great story you can always tell people, but YOUR life dictates moving on to bigger and better things. Never live your life in someone else's shadow. It's an AMAZING coincidence you live where Eric used to live!! Ultra-Cool....but get a place that you'll be comfortable in and you can afford. Best of luck to you!!!!

ITA with everything Raspberry Rick said!! Totally cool, what a great story to be able to tell fellow fans and family and friends! But I would definitely take the leap and move into a bigger apartment..this is coming from someone that is SO incredibly frustrated, with her tiny house :wacko: ...LOL!! :) Cool story Trindy, thanks for sharing!!


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