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More "Forever Tonight" Questions.

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1. How did Peter Cetera, who prides himself on writing his own tunes (except for soundtrack work), get a hold of "IWTFT"?

2. Did you have anything to do with the Cetera/Bernard recording? (arranging/advising/playing instrument?)

3. When you were writing it, Did you envision the great harmonies in the chorus like that duo recorded? Or, did you hear it more like you recorded it?

I figured you did it sans harmonies because they already recorded with.

I would have loved to hear the conversation between you and Peter about that song...

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Like a pesky fly in the summer heat that just won't go away, The Cetera questions HAUNT Eric like the lost loves of his youth, or the times he struck out with the bases loaded in little league, or the powerless attempts to change Marvin's opinion about "Winter Dreams"...

Of course, he could exorcise one of those demons right here by answering 3 little questions... :cool:

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I'd be interested in knowing of all people, how did Crystal Bernard get involved in recording that duet?

I know she had an album out at the time, ans "Wings" was still on the air. But I'l love to know the connection between Ceterea and her.

I know Eric probably wouldnt know the anser to this, but just wondering anyway...


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