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Eric In My Hometown!


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A weeek ago Sunday at my local J.C.C. (Essentially a Jewish YMCA)...I attended an exhibit entitled "Jews Rock"!

Rabbi Brian Leiken..who wrote the foreword... did a multimedia show promoting photos from a book by "Rock" and "Rock And Roll HOF" photographer Janet Macoska called "Jews Rock" with great photos of great Jews who rock!

Her photos were hanging for 2 weeks in the hall...

It was a fun program and Eric I assure you I sung your praises.

Do you know Janet's work? She is actually from Cleveland.


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Yes..John...Tony's right on target!

AnnaR...If you read this...I"m SO proud...My techno-phobia recedes a little more every day.

I didn't have to e-mail you re' uploading my picture to photobucket...I figgered it out myself...But I'll e-mail you soon anyway to ask you all about your upcoming trip to Hawaii.

You're the best!-Ira.

P.S. ...Remember I AM thinner than the angle in that photo...and if you don't believe me contact my publicist at "VainJews" LTD. :cool: " ...908-555-1212.-Ira.

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Janet Macoska took a lot of the pictures at the very first Raspberries Reunion Concert at Cleveland HOB in 2004. She was taking the group photos of the band, fans and their families in those group shots on that gala evening! She's a fine photographer.

Great post, Ira. And you ARE getting tech-savvy!


:) --Love, Darlene

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John...Leslie West of "Mountain" (nee Leslie Weinstein) is not there for a simple reason.

Janet Macoska is a photographer who has shot many but not ALL rock stars.

She went back...in collaboration with Rabbi Brian Leiken...to focus on rock stars she has photographed who happen to be Jewish in order to produce this beautiful book.

For whatever reason she never had the opportunity to photograph Leslie West.

Hence he is not in this book.

I'm SOO glad that many of you have derived "Nachas" (Jewish for pleasure) from this thread.-Ira.

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