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Remember Tony Sciuto?


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I had an interesting day today. A sharply dressed man came into our store today, and identified himself as the new Kurzweil keyboard rep. He seemed like a nice guy, but I didn't think too much of it, because I talk to alot of new reps over the years.

Then he looked at me and said, I played with Eric Carmen on tour. And then said, yeah, you're thinking, who's Eric Carmen? Then I looked at him, probably a little dazzed, and said, he's my all time favorite singer, songwriter!

He said, he remembered enjoying talking to you, about various musical topics of mutual interest.

He also said he toured with Little River Band, and with John Stamos's band (of Full house tv show).

He's a keyboard player. Had a decent hit in Japan, but not in the states.

I asked him how he got into repping, and he said someone approached him with the idea, and he went with it. Hope he makes out well.

I wondered if you remember him. He said he toured with you, late 80's? I told him to check out your web site. He said, he'll have to do that.

Interesting day.

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Yes, he is a little on the short side, and has a dark complexion. He wears New Jersey or New Yorkish looking necklaces with the open shirt, but said he lives in Baltimore.

His web site called him an avid baseball fan, and he co-wrote a song in honor of Cal Ripken's career.

I'll ask him the next time he visits, wether he was in the annuities or mutual fund industry. :cool:

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Tony Sciuto live in Japan!

Place:COTTON CLUBMarunouchi


open 6:30pm / start 8:00pm


[1st.show] open 5:00pm / start 6:30pm

[2nd.show] open 8:00pm / start 9:00pm

18,19 Aug.2012

[1st.show] open 4:00pm / start 5:00pm

[2nd.show] open 6:30pm / start 8:00pm

Tony Sciuto (vo),Tommy Alvarado (sax),Gary Griffin (keys),Bobby Peters,John Coale (ds)

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A very easy going, easy to talk person, loaded with personality and talent.

Besides playing and writing as many songs as he can, he's also our rep for Washburn, Parker, Randall, and several other musical instrument lines.

He's just doing whatever he can to make a living and stay in the music scene, and I hope the best for him (I've been sort of doing the same thing, in my own way, the last 35 years and I love it). :cool:

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