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Cleveland Institute Of Music: Clayton's First Exam

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Eric Carmen said:

If I can keep him interested until he's fifteen, he's going to blow me away as a pianist. I didn't start piano until I was eleven. Clayton turns eleven August 30th. He's got a BIG head start!

Eric, do you ever imagine yourself sometime down the road, playing a piano piece with Clayton?

I mean how could you not? I think that would be the ultimate experience. Can you see him playing I Can Remember? That would just have to totally blow you away.

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You must be so proud! Congratulations, Clayton...that is one heck of an accomplishment! I'll bet it was nerve wracking having to listen outside the door. This post comes late because I am new to the board, but not new to you. You and your music has been adding joy to my life for over 35 years...thank you. You are without a doubt the most talented musician I have ever heard. I have never had the opportunity to hear you play live and I hope before I go to my grave I get that chance :D Will Clayton be recording anything soon? I'm sure he is a chip off the old block. I hope you daughter, Kathryn, is doing well.

God Bless your family and play on!

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